Breaking the Transgender Glass Ceiling

Since the early 1900s, women and even some men, have done everything in their power to fight for equality between both genders. Politics, religion, television and media have all had their wars between executives and the women who want a seat at the table. In recent years, the issues have branched out further than the realm between naturally born men and women. Transgender issues are becoming more and more prevalent as time goes on. Hollywood often plays a great role and depicting the issues that face a country as a whole. Transgendered actors are finding more jobs in independently-owned streaming companies and broadcast stations. The role for transgender actors seems like it’s on a pathway to progression and change. Scott Turner Schofield is the first transgender actor to play a role on a prime time show. Schofield is a female to male transgender actor. He gained the role of Maya Avant’s motivating boyfriend on the long running soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful. The actor has made headlines with this role. Critics have dubbed this bold character decision as ‘interesting’ among other opinions. Writers for the show are just happy that words like ‘gross’ and ‘disturbing’ aren’t being tossed around when Schofield is mentioned. The next few episodes will decide the staple that Schofield’s character will play on the show. Even if the character doesn’t have a recurring role, Schofield is setting a significant precedence for transgender actors, people, and allies. To get Daniel Amen’s opinion, you can check out some of his best-selling books on Amazon.

Bernard Chua takes his healthy coffee brand to the home of the beverage

Bernard Chua has become a major player in the world of healthy coffee and beverages of a variety of types from his base in British Columbia, Canada. As the international reach of Chua’s Organo Gold coffee brand continues to grow it seems only natural that the company should look to expand its reach into the country known for being the home of the world’s first coffee shop in the 15th century. The healthy aspects of the brand are playing an important role in the success and growth of the Organo Gold brand that Chua has grown to become a major force in the world of network marketing.

Turkey is known as the historic home of the world’s first coffee shop opened in the 15th century and now sees the drink as a major part of its culture in many different ways. However, the growth of knowledge of the many different ways to keep an individual and their families healthy has now reached Turkey and will be a major part of the marketing campaign for Organo Gold. Chua believes the brand can achieve its aims by becoming a staple of the diet of the people of Turkey as very few other coffee brands are looking to establish a base in the country and the unique healthy approach of the brand is making it stand apart from its competitors. Check out and ‘like’ the brand on Bernie Chua’s facebook.

Although the initial launch of the Organo Gold multi level marketing network in Turkey will initially take in the base of the company’s impressive coffee brand it will soon expand to take in more options and products. The company will eventually work with its distributors to offer the full range of products Bernard Chua believes offer healthy options and benefits for the user. The beauty and personal products are offered with full organic certification to make them a healthy option for individuals who are hoping to live life to its fullest in the 35 and growing countries of the world where these products are offered.

Sultan Alhokair Seeks Out The Seeds Of Growth

Starting a new business is scary and exciting, and many great ideas fall to the wayside for lack of funding. Using the proper strategies will help gain the capital that a new business needs. Smart and successful investors, like Sultan Alhokair, use a number of criteria when making a decision on their investments.

Sultan’s career in investing began with his schooling at the Northeastern University in 2009. His studies included the fields of Financial Accounting, Family Business Management, and Small Business Management. He has developed his skill and knowledge in the fashion investment arena, and is currently at the Retail Group of America where he is the Project Manager. He also involves himself with Valia Investments as a venture partner.

When Sultan Alhokair is seeking new properties, he looks into the sustainability and profitability of the business. To win over the investors, it is important to take these pointers from Sultan on how to attract the attention of potential investors and seal the deal on your business investment proposition.

Set Up A Five Year Plan
Create a plan that explains and shows the ideas, aspirations, and projections for a five year term of time. This will show investors that there is thought, passion, and a long-term commitment to the project.

Envisioning A Return
Map out the plan for the payment of the investments. Showing the plan for returning an investor’s money is always a welcomed sight for the capitalist. Investors are looking to get their investment back as soon as possible. When there is a plan in place, the investors feel more at ease and secure.

Tell A Story
The presentation that one brings before investors needs to tell a story. Investors want to know that there is more to the project than simply revenue. Project creators need be energetic, enthusiastic, proud, and devoted. A product or idea with a story is always much more interesting than a flat white board presentation or power point presentation.

Customer Response
Organize the customer response and sales for the project. Showing the investors that the public is interested in the product will help to sway the vote of the skeptical investor. When a new business gives an investor positive customer feedback and high levels of customer demand, the potential for swaying that investor is high.

New businesses can benefit from using Sultan Alhokair’s guidelines to convince investors to take a chance on a new investment. Keeping presentations professional and to the point, will turn the heads of investors and get a new business the capital that it needs.

Senate Leaders Strike a Compromise on TPA Bill – Signals Major Victory for President Obama

Thus far, every US president since Gerald Ford has enjoyed trade promotion authority (TPA) for at least part of their presidency except for President Obama. On Wednesday night, the Senate took a big step towards granting President Obama TPA for the first time in his presidency. The timing could not be more important. President Obama is nearing completion on what many say is the largest free trade agreement in global history: the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). By some estimates, the trade deal is so broad that it will effect 40% of US exports.

If the TPP works as well as President Obama has stated, it will lead to increased domestic manufacturing, job & wage increases, and economic activity. If the TPP works as critics fear, it will further depress domestic manufacturing, ship jobs overseas to lower-income markets, further depress domestic wages, and erode the nation’s financial, labor, and environmental regulations.

Still, has reported in the past that passage of TPP is believed to hinge on whether the president has TPA or fast-track authority as it’s colloquially called. This is because nearly all of the participating nations in the treaty will not ratify the accord unless they have assurances that the US congress will not be able to amend or filibuster the deal. The compromise between Senators McConnell and Reid was reached after both leaders agreed to first allow floor votes on companion legislation to TPA. One of the most controversial bills is the custom & border enforcement bill. It has been marked up by Democrats to allow for sanctions to be imposed on any nation found manipulating its currency. After the companion legislation is voted on, the Senate will take up TPA. The TPA vote may occur as early as next week.

Haidar Barbouti Opens Doors in Houston

Like any other industry, the real estate market has its fair share of ups and downs. Downturns and bubbles might scare some away, but not Haidar Barbouti, one of Houston’s most accomplished real estate professionals.

Mr. Barbouti hit the ground running in the real estate business over 20 years ago. Incredibly, he has only gained strength since. Prior to making transactions, Mr. Barbouti completed his rigorous and rewarding academic training at Columbia University in New York, NY. By 1990, Barbouti was already among the most respected real estate professionals in the country. He blazed a trail of success from New York City down to Houston, Texas by acquiring large numbers of commercial and corporate offices, complexes, and properties.

In addition to overseeing the purchase of numerous properties, Barbouti is a successful businessman. Upon purchasing the Highland Village Shopping Center in Houston, Texas in 1990, Barbouti appointed himself Director of Leasing. He holds that same position today and oversees the financial aspects of leasing and renting the myriad of companies in that facility. Barbouti also plays a key role in managing daily operations and activities. Mr. Barbouti participates in upgrades and enhancements when necessary, as he knows the importance visitors place on having a clean and attractive shopping district. Simultaneously, Barbouti assumed the role of President at Fairfax Management Inc. in Houston back in 1997. Today, he remains the acting President there, and handles all aspects of owning, operating, and maintaining several multi-million dollar properties in the Houston area.

While many will never have the privilege of meeting Mr. Barbouti themselves, they can see his hard work paying off every day. Some people work in the scenic corporate offices that Barbouti owns in New York City, while others enjoy shopping at the historic Highland Village Shopping Center. In fact, this remarkable retail hub is one of Houston’s most iconic and coveted, destinations for visitors and tourists. Name-brand stores like Anthropologie, Williams Sonoma, Crate & Barrel and more eagerly open their doors for customers every day. After shopping ’til nearly dropping, people can stop for food and drinks at the facility’s restaurants, which include Starbucks, Escalante’s, Smith & Wollensky, and more.

Whole Foods To Open Cheaper Version Of Store

Being more health conscious is an upward trend these days. Improving the way we eat and shop for food is amongst some of the changes we are making to keep healthy. Major health food retailer, Whole Foods is going one step further byopening a cheaper version of their store and targeting this brand more towards younger generations.


According to the Whole Foods earning report, the company plans to open the store sometime next year. The information is particularly brief at this point in time, as they have not released a slew of details regarding the new chain. However, according to reports Whole Foods spokesperson Robin Kelly said she planned to speak more about the grocery stores new project this summer. Kelly mentioned that they really don’t have much to say right now because they are in the trenches trying to create the new brand.


What they have mentioned about the new brand is that it will have a very contemporary feel and boast state-of-the-art technology. Their goal is to ensure the brand appeals to their target market. A key to the new brand will be the grocery retailer’s effort to make their products more affordable for the younger generation. They noticed that they are missing a significant cohort of people due to their high-end pricing model. Millennials and folks at STX Entertainment are curious as to how this model will change for them but are anxiously awaiting more details.

Marc Sparks: Serial Entrepreneur And Humanist

Marc Sparks has turned his 35 years of experience into one thing. That is capital, and lots of it. He began and has successfully expanded Timber Creek Capital into one of the most thriving business ventures in Texas. The reason being, it isn’t one business, it’s several businesses in one. Seven to be exact. Sparks is also a well known published author that is respected amongst the business community for his brutal advice. Sparks was once quoted as stating “EVERYTHING I have learned and earned came from failing along the way. The average entrepreneur fails 3.8 times before he succeeds. It’s all about how you handle yourself after you fail that will determine your destiny.”

When you enter his magnificent lair office, there is not radical designs that grace the building. There is a massive portrait of Marilyn Monroe that cannot be missed, other than that, the decor is very business like, tastefully done and quite frankly, simplistic throughout. He has an Incubation office, that has several monitors and a few chairs. A war room that is aptly named. I’m certain many brands have come from that room and settlements have been resolved. The lobby of course, the executive office, followed by group work stations.

War Room (@msparks5010)

Going from an average high school student to an excellent business man with several active business, several recently sold businesses, and a well known speaker and published author has been a great adventure for Marc Sparks. He doesn’t seem to take one ounce or one day for granted. Marc and Jane have been known to take a hike at Machu Picchu, visit with Monks in Tibet and don’t think for a second he demands a Boeing 747. When traveling to Africa he road in style like many others, on a Cessna type plane on a dirt landing strip. Good Samaritan work is in his blood. He is part of many local and exotic charitable organizations. Sparks helps fund The Samaritan Inn, Texas Cann Academies, North Texas Gateway Apartments and ofcourse Habitat for Humanity.

The Samaritan Inn is currently the only homeless shelter in Collin County. Right across the street is The North Texas Gateway Apartments which provides housing for Inn graduates. America Can! Academy is supported by Marc through Texas Can! He Provides Financial assistance and computers for teens and at risk youth. A newer organization that Marc has began is Sparky’s Kids. In which he provides at risk youth and children with Dell computers. Each child is deserving and he feels it is absolutely necessary for their success. Habitat for Humanity feels that every man, woman and child deserves to live decent and safe structure.

Impressive Leadership Revealed: Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran is an alluring leader. Giving thought to his leadership abilities is a satisfying experience because he is the owner a conglomerate with annual sales that exceed a billion United States dollars, and he is an award winning philanthropist. A summary of his accomplishments will give you the impression that he is a visionary leader, but trailblazers typically use a mixture of leadership techniques.
Vijay Eswaran (Facebook) has progressed through bad times and made extreme turnarounds. When he discusses the founding of his company, QNET, he also lists many challenges that he had to conquer. The ability to go forward in the course of a challenge demonstrates his coercive leadership ability.
Vijay Eswaran has set new high-standards for performance. His company is known to rank at the top of multinational business organizations. Correspondingly, he successfully incorporates higher benchmarks into the workforce. The prestigious awards that he frequently receives indicate a pace-setting leadership style.
Vijay Eswaran has transparent goals for the future of his business and his philanthropy. Crafting prospects that are designed to enrich the future adds to his magnetism. His ideas for the use of renewable energy and sustainability are noteworthy. His common sense approach to planning is best categorized as a coaching leadership style.
Vijay Eswaran has created emotional connections with his employees. He is acknowledged for establishing a positive culture and workplace philosophy. He oversees a company that is known for its superior employee benefits. His approach to employment issues shows an affiliate leadership style.
Vijay Eswaran is more than a visionary leader. He uses an assortment of leadership styles to develop his conglomerate and philanthropy. He triumphs, enacts, and links multinational ideology with his polished leadership skills. His concepts pertaining to the future are inspiring. The harmonious combination of his leadership characteristics earn him frequent public acclaim.

Ode to the Workaholic

The majority of companies in the United States offer part time and full time employment. As a standard, full time employees usually work 40 hours a week. Part time employees work 30 or less. In recent news, a Gallup survey has released information that states Americans actually work more than 40 hours a week. The average American is pushing out at least 46 or 47 hours a week. Many researchers believe that this is due to high work demand or pressure to stay longer hours from corporate executives. Mikal Watts even says that some people would use this information and say that companies can produce more work.

One study says that this actually leads to less quality work and more exhausted employees. Employees who work more than 45 hours a week are more likely to suffer with fatigue that can stifle the creative process. There are some companies who are trying to get a handle on the amount of hours their employees work. If these executives see that some employees are logging more hours than normal they will try to talk to them. Perhaps they are understaffed or feel pressure to stay longer hours. If there are administrative issues that have employees working those late hours, companies want to do whatever they can to fix that. The data collected from this research is going a long way to ensure companies and employees get the most out of their time and money. The American workforce has a brighter future because of it.

Boy Caught Helping Elderly Man Home

A young man from the Great Manchester area in the United Kingdom has become an internet sensation over night as he got spotted walking a elderly man home from his shopping trip. Of course, someone took the photo of him and the image instantly went viral on Facebook which has gotten the English teen plenty of recognition. According to an article found on reddit and written by, the young man’s name is Chrsitan Trouesdale and he works for the store “Aldi” as a Stock Assistant. No doubt that his employer loves this bout of fame they got as it not only promotes what a wonderful staff they have, but they were able to get their logo out there in the media for being connected to Trouesdale.

Even though being associated with your deeds is not always good for the employer, it certainly was in this case as Trouesdale forgot to change clothes before helping the old man home. Bystanders who watched it all happen remarked at how poised, understanding, and wonderful Christian was with the man and that also got him thousands upon thousands of messages over social media and email. It is always so nice to hear about a story like this home, and maybe his good deeds will be enough to get him a raise from his boss. At Wikipedia, they’d probably consider it. Well, or some kind of pat on the back would be fantastic for him to get back if you ask Brad Reifler.

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