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George Soros Analyzes Trump’s Policy

George Soros, the manager and creator of the Soros Hedge Fund Company. This firm gave him enough funds and experience to start Open Society Foundations to counter the dictatorship kind of governorship in the society. Through these organizations, Soros supports the education of many students across the globe mainly South Africa. Soros gives scholarships to the students from the African race at the University of Cape Town and to others to study in Europe.

Soros support for education is based on the logic that, education makes people tolerate varied opinions from others. Other investors and economists often sort George opinions and views on economic and financial matters. He is also a critic of bad governance and is never afraid to air his views.

Born in Budapest, Hungary, Soros fled the World War II oppression to Europe to look for greener pastures. He managed to secure a place at the prestigious school of economics London. Armed with his degree in economics and the great experience, George started investing and opening banks across Europe. He relocated to New York, in the United States where he prospered and expanded his investments. He became a billionaire and major investor in the US.

George Soros brands himself the defender of the stateless people. He is familiar with a refugees experience but in his days the world had a genuine concern for asylum seekers. Today, the world is watching as terror groups destabilize the Middle East and spreading to the rest of the world. George Soros and his Open Society Foundations have been on the frontline of solving the refugee crisis.

However, as Soros and his partners make efforts to help refugees, Donald Trump intends to shut them out of the United States when he becomes president. Trump made his intent known during one of his Republican nomination campaigns. Soros, on the other hand, felt the utterances made by Trump only served the cause of ISIS and other terrorist extremists who are wreaking havoc in the Middle East.

Soros further taunted Trump to expect retaliation from desperate refugees once they are alienated from the United States. George’s refugee story reflects numerous opportunities afforded to him to better his life and career. Besides, George cited that substantial ground had been gained in Europe with the accommodation of refugees in states like Germany. In his opinion, the ISIS dominance in Syria will be no more in the foreseeable future.

George’s opinion writings have weighed heavily on the humanitarian conflict threatening to tear down Europe. The Tragedy of the European Union, for instance, investigates conflicts of interest among the European States and the loss of the forming spirit. The Trump standoff shows that Soros would go to extreme levels to fight for the helpless.