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Doe Deere Breaks All of the Fashion Rules, but Her Style Is Anything but Negative

Fashion is supposed to be a means for self-expression, but it often attempts to tell people what they can and cannot do. The same disheartening reality applies to the beauty industry, but there is thankfully a voice for the people who refuses to give into any set of rules. Doe Deere of the cosmetic line, Lime Crime, is known for her bold appearance, original makeup brand, and simply being the Queen of Unicorns. This female entrepreneur is not only distinctive because of the prior mentioned but because she is an advocate for breaking fashion rules and educating her fans to do the same. So, what are Deere’s favorite rules to break and what advice stems from these actions?

Rule: Too many colors should not be worn at the same time.

Doe Deere literally laughs in the face of this rule and those who have seen this beauty understand that she is all about mixing and matching a plethora of hues. From her rainbow hair that changes each week to her lurid lipstick, this CEO refuses to wear jeans and a t-shirt. Instead, a single outfit of Deere’s can easily contain all of the colors of the rainbow.

With this rule, the Queen offers advice to wear whatever you would like, regardless of a number of colors an outfit might contain. With a strong belief that people are meant to stand out, Lime Crime’s founder believes in using fashion and beauty as art, so she urges her followers to put on whatever they like and to not count the shades.

Rule: Refrain from too many patterns.

In addition to rocking a cornucopia of colors, Deere is all about mixing patterns. Though this action is thought to be insane and anti-fashion in every sense, Deere believes that it actually validates fashion’s very purpose. Her love of blending stripes with florals and geometric patterns allows her to add graceful chaos to each outfit.

Urging her fans to mix as many patterns as they would like, Deere recommends being covered from head to toe in unorthodox designs. With an understanding that self-expression is crucial, the rule breaking advocate is against barriers being placed on creativity.

Decisively, Doe Deere is a great influence for all types of people. Though she understands that some people just do not enjoy being adorned with a ton of colors and patterns, she encourages them to understand that they can if they want to. Lime Crime as a company has opened the door for creativity in a way that was lacking for too long, and Doe Deere will continue to be the voice for her fans in all of their beauty or fashion battles.

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The Strength of Malini Saba

I like what Malini Saba represents to females that are looking for a way to break into the corporate industry. From my perspective, I see her ability to transition into the financial world as something that is really spectacular. I have read her snippets of her life story, and I can definitely see how she has become the stellar businesswoman that she is. I think that a lot of her success comes from her ability to make the time count.

Everyone has 168 hours in a week, but Malini seems to be doing more with hers than the average person. I would assume that she is early to bed because she certainly is early to rise. She is up as early as 5 in the morning because she is attending to business. She makes calls and starts her busy day, but breaks from this to take her daughter to school. I think that this is just remarkable because it shows that she is still in tune with family even though she is very busy. It is during this time that she gets to connect with her daughter.

Malini has stated that she spends a good portion of her day in meetings. This is good because she gets the chance to stay updated on what is going on with the companies that she has founded. I think that it is important to note here that she has meetings with others that know about the inner workings of her Stree non-profit and the financial company Saban. She laid the groundwork to get these companies started, but she realizes the importance of building up these businesses. She knows that it is going to be important to get feedback on the various issues that may be happening with these companies. She is leading the way that an effective leader should lead.

I am thrilled to know that there are women like Malini Saba that have carved out a spot in the business world even when many males may have doubted her. This is something that should be celebrated because women need any motivation that they can get in the business world. There is a glass ceiling, but Saba chiseled her own path through this glass ceiling. She has become a millionaire that has managed to give back. Saba has proven that she has what it takes to run a business and raise her child.