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How to get your Wikipedia page

Why have a Wikipedia page?

Getting a new business running can be a challenging task. Trying to do this while establishing a quality, user-friendly website that properly showcases your company can be extremely difficult. However, because of Wikipedia’s reputation and agreements with the major online search engines, your Wikipedia page will see a high volume of marketing by being listed as one of the top search results. This can be extremely difficult when trying to advertise a standard web page. Because Wikipedia is not social media, a directory of businesses, or any sort of a news website, it is often overlooked when it comes to marketing because anyone can contribute to it. However, when you create a Wikipedia page it can be a powerful marketing tool if used properly. Wikipedia requires their pages to be filled with quality writing, and will delete pages that do not meet their standards. This will give your business a leg up on the competition by showing potential customers that you care about high quality and will not settle for less.

Do I qualify for a Wikipedia page?

In general, Wikipedia editors look to make sure that the subject and sources are notable. Some of the items that do not qualify as notable include press releases, official company websites, or social media accounts, such as Facebook or Twitter. A key to establishing notability is the source being independent, so they cannot be self-published or related to the topic directly. The professional Wikipedia experts at Get Your Wiki are neutral, meaning they are independent from the topic. Businesses may qualify as notable content, provided the page is done properly. Some things to note are that the Wikipedia page must be civil, done from a neutral point of view, and be free of any conflict of interest.

Why hire a Wikipedia writer?

With Wikipedia having such strong requirements, it can create issues for people that would like to make a Wiki page, but don’t know how to work with the guidelines. Therefore, it’s highly recommended you hire a professional Wikipedia writer. They will create a professional page that meets Wikipedia’s standards and ensure there is very little to no chance of your page being flagged or deleted. If you don’t feel like dealing with the time and energy to go through and check out several Wikipedia editors, just to find out you were flagged and deleted anyways, consider the professional team at Get Your Wiki. The experienced, professional team at Get Your Wiki will create a Wikipedia page that has engaging content and will attract customers for you, while meeting Wikipedia’s guidelines.

Hiring Wikipedia Writers to Make a Business Page Is A Must For Promotions And Branding

A Wikipedia page has tremendous marketing value to a business. Although the marketing value is indirect, the value exists nonetheless. Anyone hoping to effectively establish a business’ name in the market has to explore all promotional avenues. Wikipedia is one very good avenue.

Businesses have to be everywhere. This is a curious statement and it makes a lot more sense once the meaning is broken down a bit. Businesses are not required to provide services everywhere, but the name of the business should be visible in as many places as possible. This is how businesses are branded. The internet has the greatest potential for reaching the greatest audience. Yet, business owners do not expand the presence of their enterprises to every promotional avenue on the internet. Creating a Wikipedia page may be skipped because “Wiki isn’t for marketing”. What an erroneous belief! 

A Wikipedia page that reveals information about a business ends up being a good resource for any hoping to learn about it. Not all online tools to promote a business are required to publish marketing-oriented copywriting. A host of sites simply present facts and info. Wikipedia does the same thing and can do so in a very detailed way. After all, the page is going to be an online encyclopedia entry and, as long as the text doesn’t meander or include personal recollections, the material should end up supporting an online marketing campaign.

The search engines are kind to Wikipedia. Unlike other commercial self-publishing sites, Wikipedia’s high editorial standards and rules against spam ensure the integrity of the content is maintained. The search engines end up placing entries from Wikipedia high in the results. A high positioning in Google, Bing, and elsewhere means a lot of traffic will see its pages. The promotional impact of this is going to be a good one.

The process of actually creating the page should be turned over to the professionals by hiring Wikipedia writers. This way, the content stays within the framework of Wikipedia’s rules and is solid enough that readers end up liking it. Get Your Wiki is a Wikipedia writing service capable of handling all writing tasks. Editing and monitoring work may be requested as well. With Get Your Wiki on the job, a business owner can feel confident a Wikipedia page is going to help his/her business immensely.