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Nobody Loves Whole Foods Market–Except Everybody

Being a central location to purchase natural and organic food for decades has helped establish Whole Foods Market as a formidable competitor in the area of all-encompassing supermarkets. With that brand has come the inevitable criticisms of higher prices or catering to a select market.

However, the fact is that each time a new Whole Foods opens up, the surge of excitement at its opening is able to be sustained. That leads to profits, with margins that are much higher than those whose revenues may dwarf the company.

That level of success has led Whole Foods to offer a new spinoff supermarket concept known simply as 365 by Whole Foods Market. The idea behind it seeks to grab hold of the elusive millennial market, emphasizing technology-based ways to purchase items and offering new takes on the dreaded prospect of waiting in line.

Of course, that market was likely already attracted to Whole Food’s nature-friendly approach to making sales. The standard openings still resonate with all audiences, further increasing the more than 1,200 stores that make up the company.

Despite the clamor, Whole Foods has been struggling when it comes to the stock market. For whatever reason, the company’s brand hasn’t been good enough to offset a stock price drop of over 50 percent from its previous high.

However, much like music and entertainment that isn’t always universally loved, Whole Foods Market still has the cache to look ahead with excitement toward the future, with profts that continue to roll in.