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The Things That Are Sweeping Online Marketing Right Now Are Not What You Might Expect

Seemingly every year there is some new trend or another that takes over online marketing. This is the case because the field is so dynamic and ever-changing. As soon as one strategy starts to fade away, another one takes it place. There are some trends that have taken over this year which are new in comparison to years gone by, and some of them may just surprise you.

Wearable Technology

The future is here when it comes to wearable technology. We used to dream of the possibility of wearing something that could provide us with so much information all at one time. Now, we do not have to just dream of that possibility, it is a reality. The wearable technology put into the market by companies such as Google are helping transform the way that customers get information. It means that marketing to them via these devices is a trend that is sweeping 2016.

Marketing At Ever Step Of A Purchasing Decision

There is a great irony in the marketplace these days. It is the fact that so much more choice has made many consumers unable to make the purchasing choices that they once made in the past. This is true because those customers are simply swamped by all of the options before them and the paradox of choice dictates that it becomes easier to make no choice at all.

Thus, marketers must continue to market to customers through every step of the process. Those customers are intending to make a purchase at some point, but they require a lot more research to get to that decision. Companies ought to market to those customers at every stage of that research process.