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Learning About Life and Business from Warren Buffett

Writer Rachael Levy has penned an excellent article for Business Insider magazine with the thesis that studying the business moves of investment expert Warren Buffett is an great way to learn about finance. Essentially, she believes that a look at Buffett’s career is like a textbook for those who don’t have time to go to business school.

Buffett himself read extensively about investing before starting his own career. In fact, when he meet business author David Dodd, the two talked about Dodd’s book and Buffett appeared to know it better than Dodd himself. Buffet also carefully read and analyzed books by financial writers Phil Fisher and Adam Smith and took their investment advise, so when a novice investor looks at Buffett’s career, it’s almost as if they’ve read these works themselves.

Beyond business, Buffett has also given useful advice on life itself. He recommends making a list of everything you’d like to accomplish in life and then circling the five most important things and disregarding the others. From there, you should develop a single theme that encompasses what you want to achieve and use it as the top criteria in making all decisions.

Buffett believes that, because you can’t accomplish everything you want in life, it’s important to prioritize. Clearly, he’s done something right in his own life to have earned such a large personal fortune, so his advice is definitely worth considering.