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Families Benefiting from Securus Technologies

Securus is one of the best prison communication systems currently on the market and I have had nothing but great success using it for my own personal needs. Because of the fact that one of my loved ones is in the prison system, it has been nothing but difficult to keep in touch with them through traditional means. I then been discovered Securus by pure accident and then I began to use it each and every day. Because of my own experience using this amazing company and their services, I can continually recommend it to people who are interested in making use of it and being able to have better contact with their prison loved one.


In fact, Securus has also recently launched a multi-state campaign across the country to raise awareness of the benefits that come from video visitation. It talks about how people can have a greater connection with their loved ones and close the gap that was once there when it comes to not being able to see your loved one face to face because you just cannot make a trip to the prison where it is not convenient for you and your loved ones. This is why it is absolutely imperative that you begin to use Securus for what it is meant to be used for and this is why a lot of people are using this company as well.


My own experience using this great company has been something that allows me to tell other people about it and it also enables me to tell people my own experience using the services that are being talked about now a days. It is a great company to utilize and I feel like it can totally changed the lives of prison families all across the country as well.


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Securus Technologies Acquires ConnectUs Automated Forms

Mr. Richard A. Smith, Securus Technologies’ CEO, says this top provider of technological solutions for correctional facilities and institutions, and other incoming and outgoing communication needs, has invested more than $600 million in new acquisitions, patents, and other technologies in a three-year span. The heaviest investments are in jail management, integrated voice response, visitation videos, wireless tracking, and other areas dealing with security and safety of inmates, staff, family members, and friends.

Securus Technologies has gone a step further in their goal to provide the best, least costly programs and applications. They have formally acquired the ConnectUs Inmate Forms and Grievance Application. This application brings cost and time-saving modernization to the dreaded making and trailing of paperwork by inmates and corrections officers who fill out, copy, distribute, and file it. These various forms can be quickly created, changed, and distributed without a printer, saving pounds of paper, hours of work filing, delivering, etc., in the use of forms, plus the cost of to institutions and others involved. The ConnectUs Inmate Forms and Grievance Application aides in the modernization of prisons and other institutions, giving these facilities total control of what is made available to inmates, and when they have access to it.

Securus received the Better Business Bureau’s top rating of A+, and received full accreditation because they keep promises; proved they provided truth in advertising, have honest product and service representation, and clear disclosures. Securus made an in-house call center, containing 220 seats, for customer service calls from approximately 2.5 million inmates, their families, and friends and are four-star rated.

Securus Technologies is not just about increasing technology and the modernization of institutions and prison facilities; they have a heart and are helping fight hunger and malnutrition with organizations such “Feed My Starving Children”.

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