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How To Become A Winemaker Recognized By The Society Of Vintners In The United Kingdom?

It takes passion to become a professional winemaker but most importantly, it takes persistence and hard work to run a successful wine making business, which is the only sure path to joining the society. Depending on how fast and professionally you want to venture into the business; you may opt for the relatively easy educational path to becoming a vintner or the long but handy industry experience way.

Going it the Educational Way

By enrolling for an educational course in winery, it is highly recommended that you specialize in Enology or Viticulture. Either course equips you with the background to the science of wine making process. This process teaches you how to prepare vineyards and the types of grapes to grow as well as the sensitive quality controls in wine making, including wine making and proper packaging.

Upon successful completion of any of these degrees, the graduate can quickly score employment opportunities with wine processing farms and distilleries. On the other hand, they can source out enough capital to start their farm or distillery.

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Gaining Industrial Experience

Some of the most successful vintners in the United Kingdom don’t have academic papers about winemaking. But this hasn’t stopped them from successfully running vineyards or distilleries. Most of these opted to gain practical hands-on experience by working at equally successful yards or distilleries, and you too can learn through active participation in industrial operations.

For instance, by getting employment in the vineyards, you will gain invaluable experience about the type of grapes required for different wine as well as how to take care of them. On the other hand, getting employment in the distillery equips you with the necessary skills in wine processing as well as packaging and valuable skills in sensory analysis of wine.

You will note that the industrial experience path is quite tedious and time-consuming especially if you aim at learning the throughout process of winemaking from farm preparation to processing and packaging. Nevertheless, with persistence and proper determination, both will help you establish your winemaking business, but its success will determine your qualification for admission to the Society of Vintners in the United Kingdom (

Requirements for Membership to the Society

Interestingly, the organization that was originally formed as a merger between two regional wine sale and distribution factions doesn’t maintain a standard rule that new or existing members must fulfill but is largely accommodating. You only have to request for invitation into their next members meeting through their headquarters in Sussex at which point you can express yourself to the less than 50 UK vintners that have the final word on your admission or repulsion.

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