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Susan McGalla and Women Empowerment

Women empowerment is highly encouraged in today’s world. Women are coming forward and gaining higher acceptance in the corporate sector. Nowadays, a lot of women are joining the business sector though; it is still dominated by men. Susan McGalla is one such strong woman who is making her way in business through leadership and intelligence. She is the founder of P4 Executive Consulting LLC and is one of the most successful and powerful marketing and branding consultant in the United States.

Susan McGalla is a strong supporter of women empowerment. She believes that women are a significant part of the society that cannot be ignored. They need to be encouraged to join corporate sector as women nowadays are well educated and have the power to run businesses too. They just need to realize their true potential. McGalla is a prominent speaker and has spoken at various seminars. Recently, she spoke to the students of Carnegie Mellon University at a conference organized by the students. She guided young female entrepreneurs and gave them some tips and tricks to achieve success in their career. She also highlighted the importance of education for women and encouraged students to get higher education so that they can support their families and themselves. Education is vital for all walks of life. It should be given top priority. In order to excel in their professional life, women need to be well educated and knowledgeable about their work. Along with education, they need to acquire some professional skills as well such as communication skills, critical thinking, public speaking and much more.

Susan also advised students to manage their finances properly right from the start of their career. In this way, they can help themselves in the time of financial crises. Planning and careful managing of expenses should be taught to women as it is really important. Working women should try to perform really well in their jobs and try to work with consistency although doing a job is really tough, but women have to be strong in order to make their mark in the society.


USHEALTH Group Offering Flexibility in the Era of Change

USHEALTH Group, Inc. is located in Fort Worth, Texas and deals with life and health insurance policies through its subsidiaries. The company specializes in offering policies to self-employed individuals, small business owners, and connected families and employees. USHEALTH Group has insured more than 15 million customers during its business lifetime.

The USHEALTH Group offers multiple choices and options to its customer base. It promotes this flexibility, reliability, and affordability in its various coverages.

The USHEALTH Group was awarded the 2017 CEO World Award for the category of Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative. This annual award is presented to select individuals and companies that evidence corporate responsibility, leadership skills, innovative and helpful new products. The awards were presented on June 26 of this year in San Francisco.

Many health insurance companies remain in a state of flux since the Republicans have made efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. The ACA was implemented during the Obama Presidency when the Democratic party had control of congress.

Many insurance companies that are not able to adjust to changing conditions may find themselves in a position of duress. USHEALTH Group seems to have the flexible leadership to adjust to current conditions and to succeed in this contentious health care environment. The current administration has done nothing to lessen the plight of the underinsured and uninsured in the United States of America and has only added fuel to the flames engulfing the issue of Universal Health Insurance as evidenced by the Affordable Care Act.

Legal Help of Ricardo Tosto

By understanding the work that Ricardo Tosto provides, you’ll have a high comfort level by knowing that you’re getting the most experienced professional around to help you out. He is as a Brazilian attorney who practices in the Oliveira Carvalho area. When you learn more information about the work that he provides, you will be better able to feel confident about working with him and his prestigious law firm. Ricardo Tosto is Brazilian and is known as one of the most top quality lawyers in the country for the areas of law that he specializes in.

Think about these tips as you look to lean on the service that he offers.

What types of law can Ricardo Tosto help with?

In terms of areas of law, Ricardo Tosto can help you with a litany of commercial law cases. Whether the case is heard before a judge or is simply carried out with out-of-court negotiations, you will need to have an advocate who understands these issues.

Throughout the course of his career, he has received accolades and prestige that has lost at the top of the field in Brazil. You will be able to get a great deal of legal experience on your side when you return to the law firm of Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogdos. This is a company that helps people with things like credit recovery and bankruptcy cases. Tosto is a cofounder of this law firm and has been an avid advisor to individuals and companies in all different sectors.

In terms of his accolades, Ricardo Tosto has been recognized as part of the Legal 500 and is an accomplished political writer as well. He gives several speaking engagements every year related the areas of law that he is familiar with. When it comes to his educational accomplishments, Ricardo Tosto holds an undergraduate law degree, in addition to coursework related to business extension schools.

By understanding the type of work that he provides, you’ll be in a good position to hire Ricardo Tosto for any commercial litigation work that you have. Let this article guide you toward learning more about any area of commercial or civil law that you need help with, as you turn to this law firm for assistance.

Implementation of New and Innovative Ideas

As the world continues to join together in new and innovative ways there is a need for companies that provide useful ways for other businesses to thrive on the internet marketplace as well. These companies are usually small or medium in size, and their futures have not yet been decided. These fledgling corporations often times need some sort of advice system to provide them with the experience and skills needed for them to succeed. In order to meet these needs companies such as White Shark Media have been founded to offer marketing advice and assistance when they are called to do so.


White Shark Media was originally created by three Danish entrepreneurs whose main focus is to bring new companies into the modern day practices of internet wealth. White Shark Media staff are highly trained professionals who are well skilled in all aspects of internet marketing avenues, such as Google analytics and ad words to name a few. As a general requirement outside these initial abilities, staff and customer service personnel need to be at least bilingual speakers. This is important considering that White Shark Media is an international company that supports the progress of other companies regardless of their location or what sort of products they are trying to sell.


The interesting thing about White Shark Media is that their business model is crafted specifically to model client success. IF a customer is able to see an increase in sales and revenue from their beginning business because of the marketing that White Shark Media provided for them then that means that White Shark success is directly related to the success of their clients. This fact means that White Shark Media provides the utmost highest levels of service to their customer base, implementing high levels of technological improvement and modern views to make sure that these levels of success occur. A platform such as this is a honorable and useful one to follow with when it comes to other service companies. While most companies realize these things few of them actually invest in the idea that their customers make them.

Clay Siegall’s Company, Seattle Genetics, Helps Cancer Patients

Seattle Genetics was founded with the hope that they would be able to come up with new solutions to cancers that were previously thought to be untreatable and the people did not have a lot of hope. This is something that has allowed the company to grow much bigger from where they were.

When Clay Siegall first started Seattle Genetics, he did not know that it would become successful as what it is today. He also did not know that he would be able to help as many cancer patients as what he has been able to do. This is something that has changed the way that cancer treatment is taken care of and has allowed many people to continue to live after they were diagnosed with cancer that was not originally able to be treated with different treatment options. It was something that Clay Siegall knew that he was going to be able to do but he never knew that it would be on this level.

Now that Seattle Genetics has grown as a business, they now have 12 drugs that are available for people who have cancer. They are less invasive than the drugs were in the past and this was something that made things better for most people who had cancer and who chose to undergo genetic treatment as opposed to other types. The Seattle Genetics goal was to help people out and they have gone far beyond that with everything that they have done.

While Seattle Genetics has been successful in helping many people, Clay Siegall does not want to stop at just that. He wants to continue helping many people who have cancer and he wants to keep growing the business. Because of this, he plans to make Seattle Genetics even better than it ever was before. Clay Siegall wants people to get the cancer help that they need and he knows that Seattle Genetics will have those solutions. It only needs more research so that people can get what they want out of the services and the drugs that Seattle Genetics has to offer cancer patients.

QNET Is Giving Back In A Big Way

QNET is one of the top direct selling companies in all of Asia. When it comes to e-commerce based direct selling, they are considered pioneers as they have literally changed the game. The great thing about QNET is no matter how successful they become, they still make it a point to be of help to those in need.

This of course is a big deal being that so many companies are so greedy and simply refuse to give back. I am glad to say QNET isn’t like that. In an effort to continue making a huge impact on humanity, QNET, under the CSR banner of We Care, provided a water storage facility for several schools in Asia. They have partnered with the Lions Club of Hyderabad and will be delivering clean drinking water to about 800 students.

When you consider how many people are still without clean drinking water in the world, you see just how amazing this project is.

The goal is to make sure the school has a water facility that functions properly and is sanitary. This is a great compliment to the Swachh Bharat Swachh Vidyalaya campaign which the government set up in an effort to promote and bring awareness to the importance of hygiene.

QNET, in partnership with the Lions Club, has vowed to continue doing projects like this on a regular basis. The idea is to make sure they do their part in making society, and the environment, a better place to live in.

There are two core philosophies the QNET team lives by. The first one is RYTHM and it stands for Raise Yourself To Help Mankind. The second one in inService and its all about being selfless and doing all you can to be of service to those around you. QNET works with several organizations and associations to encourage all of their employees and independent representatives to be active in their communities. They are inspired by Mahatma Gandhi and the selfless service he displayed throughout his life.

QNET, through its parent company the QI Group, is a proud member of the United Nations Global Compact Network. The United Nations Global Compact Network, also referred to as UNGC, is the largest corporate sustainability initiative in the world. As part of this network QNET is on the front lines of fighting homelessness.

To learn more about QNET visit them online at You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date with everything going on at the company.

Urbana Proves There’s More To Life Than Business

The latest technologies are changing the way we all live our lives as social media makes it easier than ever for us all to show our interests to the people we know and admire. Jon Urbana is perhaps best known as the owner of Next Level Lacrosse Camp and a businessperson with Ellipse Technologies, a laser and pulsed light technology provider bringing the latest hardware to North America. Although Jon Urbana spends a large amount of time on Twitter he links his work life to his social media accounts to bring the latest news to his followers.

Over the course of his life Jon Urbana has spent a large amount of time enjoying various different sports and leisure activities that have formed a major part of his life. Urbana starred as a lacrosse player for Villanova during his college years, which saw him become one of the best known college players in the U.S. Despite leaving his playing days behind him the lacrosse expert has looked to maintain a presence within the game in the form of his coaching academy taking place each year in Colorado. Urbana believes the best coaching can enhance the lacrosse experience for any young person as they are encouraged to become active members of the community.

Alongside the Next Level Lacrosse Camp, Jon Urbana looks to provide assistance for good causes in Colorado and the wider community through a series of fund raising efforts. The care and protection of animals has been a major area of concern for Urbana, and features heavily in the fundraising activities he undertakes to provide funding for local charities.

Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force, A New Fundraiser from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Over the course of his life Jon Urbana has developed a number of interests that highlight the different areas of his personality. One area of interest that has featured heavily in the Tumblr entries and social media posts of Jon Urbana is photography, which is largely based on the travels the former lacrosse star undertaken. Jon Urbana is also interested in the history of this art form and the photographers who have influenced him.

How Entrepreneurs Like Dick DeVos Are Changing the Face of Philanthropy

I believe that the best type of success can be achieved by entrepreneurs who are philanthropic and charitable. People who find a way to make a profitable business out of what they enjoy tend to be the happiest people. One reason is that they are very passionate about what they do. As a result, they tend to work a little harder at their jobs. This also brings them some kind of satisfaction that leaves room for their compassion. As a result, they contribute to causes like the John F. Kennedy Center for the Arts. The fundraiser that was started at that place for a project has surpassed its goals thanks to the contributions of many.

One of the contributors is Dick DeVos. He has contributed money up to the millions through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation to mulitple causes. He is also no stranger to hard work. He has been working for his family business starting as a child. He was one of the greeters of the company when it was held at the home of the basement. This has introduced him into the world of business. He was able to learn how business works and also how to be an effective leader. Watch the video below to see DeVos’ political leadership in his homestate of Michigan.

He has discovered his passion at a young age to make contributions to society. He has not only provided some great service to his clients, but also made them feel appreciated. This is a very important trait to have when going into business. One has to have a love for people. If one is all about selfishness, then he is going to be limited in his success no matter how far he goes. Dick’s success has proven to be unlimited. This is due to his ability to work tirelessly for hours at a time and his willingness to keep people satisfied and give to the people that are at a disadvantage. 

Business owners often have the freedom to pursue their goals. They also are the most able to send forth money to charitable organizations. They also have more emotional energy in order to care about others that are not as fortunate as they are. At the same time, they have the self respect in order to not allow people to walk all over them. They can also direct others to different resources like the JFK Center for the Arts where they can make contributions. This project will provide plenty of new opportunities.

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Tipping Made Handy That Much Better

In the past few months, there has been an ongoing conversation as to whether those working in service industries should get paid tips for their services. Some restaurants and business have done away with tipping and paid these employees more to compensate for the lack of tips. Other businesses have encouraged customers and potential customers that their employees should be tipped more often, but there is no definitive guide to whether these people should be tipped or not. Handy has decided to make a tipping feature for their app to make it both safer and more convenient for customers to tip cleaning professionals.

Handy essentially acts as a forum, message board, or bulletin board in the sense that people are able to list handyman services on the app. The majority of the listings come from actual home cleaning professionals, with the other twenty percent distributed among plumbers, carpenters, painters, and other people who perform services on, with, around, or under a home.There has been a push recently towards businesses becoming more oriented towards small, centralized jobs, better known as “gigs.” The growing “gig economy” has allowed Handy to flourish, along with similar apps such as Uber. Handy has been compared to Uber in the sense that many people working towards completing gigs such as driving people around or cleaning one’s home.

Handy never takes money as a fee or any form of service charge from its customers — only from the cleaners themselves. The average Handy cleaner earns approximately twenty dollars an hour, which around twenty percent is taken to help upkeep Handy. This is the only time that Handy charges money. Any money that is given as a tip will not be subject to this twenty percent tax.

Mr. Umang Dua and Mr. Oisin Hanrahan founded Handy when they were bunkmates at Harvard Business College. Fortunately, it turned out very well for them. Handy has always made an effort to be oriented towards customers for ease of use, rather than towards just making money. Handy is free to download, and very highly reviewed by everyone who has used Handy.

Things You Should Learn About CipherCloud

Technology changes that have happened in the world have led to a series of improvements that have helped to make life better. For businesses, modern technology has served to offer a better way to manage entities. This is highlighted in the way marketing has become easier not forgetting transacting is now an easy process and takes no effort for both the client and the investor. Most people have opened online stores, where they have been able to connect with thousands of customers. Making payments is also processed through online platforms that are trusted. Many have praised modern technology to have offered a better chance to explore. However, there are serious concerns that people have been struggling to deal with. Such include security while transacting online. There are many fraudsters who pose as real sellers, and most important to note is the fact that hacking has become rampant and more inevitable. This has motivated companies like CipherCloud to come up with strong security software that has assisted in the process of curbing fraud online.

CipherCloud is a leading security company that has been operational since 2010. They have been identified as one of the few companies that have succeeded in the fight against hacking and fraud. This has been possible with the development of security tools and software that has assisted to offer security while transacting online. CipherCloud is also more concerned about offering information to users so they can protect themselves while using different platforms online.

Working with well experienced professionals is something that works to place any company at a better position. This is something CipherCloud has capitalized on and hence the great performance they have been able to record. CipherCloud has always maintained a keen eye in the hiring process. They have worked to ensure the professionals hired to join the company are proven individuals who have been in the industry for some time. Most importantly, they have given much emphasis on creativity and commitment to offer the best. Hiring is not the end of the process of making the company better. They have a program that helps workers to gain more skills and knowledge about the industry. Regular training offers workers a chance to familiarize with recent developments in the tech arena.

The company has opened several offices with their headquarters situated in London. Data encryption is a field that calls for one to have creativity and to be keen on creating a system that cannot be bypassed. This is something CipherCloud has excelled in. They have designed different software suites that can be used to track activities on the web and to seal a website against incidences of hacking. This is one of the areas they have proved perfect and reliable.