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Andy Wirth Officially Announces a Gondola Project For Squaw Valley

Skiers and snowboarders at North Tahoe’s Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows may have a more convenient mode of transportation between these two mountains very soon. A new op-ed in Powder Magazine has just revealed that the plan to create a gondola between these two mountains is officially in the works.

Although Squaw Valley purchased Alpine Meadows in 2011, skiers currently have to take a drive from one parking lot to the other. Rumors that a gondola would connect these two mountains have been swirling around for years, but it was only recently that Squaw Valley authorities officially admitted that they plan to construct a base-to-base gondola connecting Squaw Valley to Alpine Meadows.

It was the approval of Troy Caldwell, the owner of the 460-acres between the two mountains, which finally made it possible for Squaw Valley to begin development on the gondola.

According to Sierrasun, Squaw Valley’s CEO, Andy Wirth, told reporters that he and Caldwell have reached many agreements in their most recent conversations.

As it stands today, the gondola will border the western edge of Caldwell’s property, and it will travel through parts of the U.S. Forest Service Land.

Andy Wirth began his life in Neubrucke, West Germany, where he was born in 1963. In terms of formal education, Wirth received a Bachelor of Science from Colorado State University, and he took a few graduate courses in Scotland’s prestigious Edinburgh University.

Ever since a young age, Wirth had a great love for adventure and the great outdoors. His first taste of working outdoors was when he worked as a backcountry ranger at Rocky Mountain National Parks. He also worked at San Pedro Parks Wilderness Area.

Wirth began his business career with the company Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation in the 1980s. Wirth eventually worked his way into a position at Intrawest, the parent company of Steamboat Ski. Intrawest acquired Steamboat in 2006, and Wirth was soon promoted to the executive vice president of sales and marketing.

It was not until 2010 that Wirth left Intrawest and became the President of CEO of Squaw Valley, a position he is very happy to still be in today.

Wirth led major refurbishing projects on this ski resort, and he was instrumental in acquiring Alpine Meadows. Wirth has been very active in the local community and in the media for his charity work and special television appearances. For example, he was featured on the hit show Undercover Boss in 2013 at Squaw Valley.

Squaw Valley authorities are now seeking the public’s support to help move the process of finalizing paperwork for the gondola. They have set up various forums on their official website where people interested in this project can express their approval.

The team at Squaw Valley will submit their plans to the U.S. Forest Service and Placer County for a final approval. They hope that this will all go very smoothly and the gondola project can become a reality very soon.

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