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Challenging and Exciting – Squaw Valley delivers thrills

One of the most popular places for skiers to visit in the US is the Squaw Valley Ski Resort in Olympic Valley, California. The resort offers such breathtaking and exciting slopes that close to 600,000 people show up to ski there each year. It is the second largest ski resort located near Lake Tahoe, and it’s size means Squaw Valley is large enough to offer a variety of experiences. Thirty six hundred acres of great ski runs and 30 chairlifts means there is definitely something for everyone.

Squaw Valley was the site of the World Cup in 1969 featuring four technical events. The slalom and giant slalom for both men and women were held at the resort. In 1960 Squaw Valley hosted the Winter Olympics. That year introduced the first televised games and millions of people got to see first hand the beauty of the location of the games. People were impressed with Squaw Valley, it’s ability to host such a big crowd successfully, and everything the site had to offer. 

There is no lack of entertainment at the resort and facilities include a swimming pool, dining, disk golf and roller skating. Popular summer events in Squaw Valley include a gathering of writers, concerts and wine and beer events. Lovers of music also enjoy several musical events.

Andy Wirth serves as the current President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, which is the resort’s parent company. Wirth has 25 years’ experience in the hotel and resort industry. After a skydiving accident in 2013 he almost lost his life but survived. Andy Wirth has been awarded the Chairman’s Outstanding Service Award, the Steamboat Springs business Leader of the Year Award and the HSMAI Top 25 Minds in Hospitality and Travel Sales and Marketing. He was also named 2014 Citizen of the year by Disabled Sports USA.

The Dorchester Collection The Finest In Luxury Hotels

The Dorchester Collection is an international luxury hotel chain that has a collection of ten luxury five star hotels that we own and manage. We pride ourselves on offering our guest impeccable hospitality. We are also proud to be the winners of the Investors in People “Company of the Year” award and four HR Excellence Awards, which included the much sought after Gold Award. Our commitment to excellence and innovation is something we always strive for. All of our hotels reflect their area’s cultures whether it be in the USA or Europe.

Here is a little bit of history on our company. The Dorchester Collection is owned by the Dorchester Group Limited, formerly know as the Audley Group. It was established in 2006 for the purpose of managing some of the world’s must luxurious hotels located in Europe and the United States. The original Dorchester Hotel was bought by the Sultan of Brunei in 1987. He also bought the Beverly Hills Hotel at the same time. In 1991 he turned over ownership of both hotels to the Brunei Investment Agency. In 1996 the Audley Group, which is owned by the Brunei Investment Agency, was created. Their job was to manage the hotels.

The hotels in our collection are known worldwide for their reputations for offering the best in good service, good living and elegance. Here are the hotels that we have the honor of owning and managing. Of course there is the Dorchester Hotel. It was bought in 1987 and is located in London, England. The Beverly Hills Hotel, also purchased in 1987 is located in Beverly Hills, CA. Then we have Le Meurice, located in Paris, France and purchased in 1997. Another hotel located in Paris and bought in 1997, is the Plaza Athénée. The Hotel Principe di Savoia was bought in 2003 and is located in Milan, Italy. In 2008, the Hotel Bel-Air, located in Los Angeles, CA, was acquired. After closing down for two years to have some renovations done, it re-opened for business in 2011. Le Richemond is the oldest hotel in Geneva, Switzerland. It was purchased in 2011. Another hotel purchase that was made in 2011 was the purchase of 45 Park Lane, located in London, England. This hotel only has 45 rooms making it the smallest hotel of the collection. Coworth Park was also purchased in 2011. It is located in Ascot, Berkshire, England. Last, but surely not least is the Hotel Eden acquired in 2013 and located in Rome, Italy.

The luxury, charm and style of the Dorchester Collection has made it’s hotels the places people want to stay when they’re looking for comfort and elegance.

The Antique Wine Company Anticipating More Record Breaking Sales

Founded in 1982 in London by Stephen Williams, the Antique Wine Company started in London and is available in over 70 countries. This fine wine company hosts some of the most splendid fine wine tasting events. It is also well known for it’s elaborate, decadent collection of wines with over 10,000 exotic wines in its cellars. The Antique Wine Company has had the most valuable wine sales in history, and since it is currently undergoing new changes in its leadership sales records may be broken again.

Most Valuable Wines
Of their collection the Antique Wine Company has sold some of the most valuable wines in history. Namely, it has a record breaking sale of a white wine called Chateau d’Yquem that sold for 75,000 pounds ($115,930). The wine was bottled in 1811. The fabulous white wine is on display in a restaurant owned by the buyer and he has plans to drink it someday.

Other sales from the AWC include a series of antique wines that were sold as an entire lot which the purchaser paid approximately $1.5 million.

New Leadership
In August of 2014 Stuart Young was assigned as the Antique Wine Company’s Sales Director. He will lead a team of approximately seven other individuals that will deal with direct sales in Asia and the United States. Stuart had an interesting career before joining the Antique Wine Company. He worked in the United States and in call centers prior to implementing his own training techniques for sales development. Upon meeting with the founder of the Antique Wine Company, Stephen decided to bring his knowledge to the forefront of wine sales by working directly with one of the world’s top wine companies.

Jean-Philippe Guillot has ten years of experience in fine wines and leads the Antique Wine Company’s sales in the Philippines and Asia. He and Stephen Young will work in tandem. With almost half of the company’s wine sales originating in Asia, this powerhouse sales team anticipates results as fine as the wine they sell.

Winning Wines
With previous sales that are record breaking it is hard to imagine how the Antique Wine Company can expand its territory much further. With new leadership in the sales department in crucial areas there may be enormous, potentially ground breaking sales results in the near future of the Antique Wine Company.