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Breaking the Transgender Glass Ceiling

Since the early 1900s, women and even some men, have done everything in their power to fight for equality between both genders. Politics, religion, television and media have all had their wars between executives and the women who want a seat at the table. In recent years, the issues have branched out further than the realm between naturally born men and women. Transgender issues are becoming more and more prevalent as time goes on. Hollywood often plays a great role and depicting the issues that face a country as a whole. Transgendered actors are finding more jobs in independently-owned streaming companies and broadcast stations. The role for transgender actors seems like it’s on a pathway to progression and change. Scott Turner Schofield is the first transgender actor to play a role on a prime time show. Schofield is a female to male transgender actor. He gained the role of Maya Avant’s motivating boyfriend on the long running soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful. The actor has made headlines with this role. Critics have dubbed this bold character decision as ‘interesting’ among other opinions. Writers for the show are just happy that words like ‘gross’ and ‘disturbing’ aren’t being tossed around when Schofield is mentioned. The next few episodes will decide the staple that Schofield’s character will play on the show. Even if the character doesn’t have a recurring role, Schofield is setting a significant precedence for transgender actors, people, and allies. To get Daniel Amen’s opinion, you can check out some of his best-selling books on Amazon.