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White Shark Media

Problems arise in every business. How they are handled determines how well the business will do with loyal clients and new clients as well. After all, if customer service is lousy and complaints are ignored, customers will find another business to deal with.

No business wants to be known as a business that ignores customer complaints. The best businesses will not only listen to the complaints. They will implement ideas and strategies to fix the complaints and limit future complaints.

White Shark Media has experienced their fair share of complaints from dissatisfied customers. Complaints ranged from not being able to get in touch with a contact person to being given a contact person that did not know them or their business. It was a frustrating situation for the customers.

White Shark Media knew that to keep customers satisfied, they must be heard and problems must be fixed. By assigning each client a contact person with knowledge of their needs they were able to cut down on the number of dissatisfied customers. They also implemented a monthly meeting so that clients could review problems or questions with their contact person.

By fixing the communication problems, White Shark Media was able to keep loyal customers happy. When customers are satisfied they tell others. Word of mouth is a powerful way to build a business…or to sink one. By making sure the people were happy, White Shark Media actually built their business.

Complaints are hard for a business. Sometimes they are very frustrating. Everyone wants to be patted on the back and told that they did a good job. There are some simple steps every business can use to make sure they get fewer complaints.

The first step is to listen carefully to your customers. Even if the problem can’t be easily fixed, being aware of it will help. You can assure your clients that you are working on a solution.

Next, try to solve the problem. If a customer is complaining about call back times- fix it. Make it a priority to return calls. If they are unhappy with the contact person, find someone else that can answer their questions.

Lastly, get feedback. Ask if the problem was solved to their satisfaction. Feedback will allow you to see what you did right and where you could improve. With these easy steps you will get fewer complaints and happier clients.

Eucatex- Revolutionizing How Textiles Are Created

Eucatex is a textile company founded in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1951. For over 60 years they have revolutionized how textiles are manufactured. They specialize in wall partitions, various types of treated wood for a variety of uses, paints and vanishes, and also laminate flooring, among other textiles.

In 1996 they were the very first Brazilian business in its industry to receive the prestigious business certification ISO 9001, giving customers and investors the assurance that Eucatex employs the most stringent and honest business practices. The company has 2,201 employees currently and is expanding into other markets with the highest quality textiles for both commercial and residential purposes.

Eucatex currently exports to 37 countries through their four state-of-the-art facilities throughout Brazil. This is a company that has experienced continuous growth. For instance, exports through the first quarter of 2015 grew by 28.7%. This indicated the willingness of Eucatex to continue to enjoy a great working relationship with both its customers and suppliers in general.

Another area where Eucatex has experienced sustained success is in the environment. Its environmental program is known as “The House Of Nature”. The company has helped sustain the various ecological systems in Brazil; this will enable the forests to return to a more normalized habitat and preserve the resources. Over 200,000 acres have been reforested by the company over the last five years. In addition more than 1 million trees have been preserved in its reforestation efforts. As deforestation is one of the biggest problems world wide, Eucatex is currently working on viable solutions to solve this problem for future generations.

Research and innovation is an area Eucatex has excelled over time. Eucalyptus is a natural wood used in a variety of uses and applications, manufactured through various manufacturing processes exclusive to Eucatex. In its research laboratories, various types of paint and varnishes have been created, which are not harmful to the environment and can withstand the outside elements; they’re durable and practical colors.

Under the leadership of President Flavio Maluf, the company has received numerous awards, such as the 2012 Best Corporate Citizenship award by the prestigious Gestao RH magazine. In addition in 2010 it receive an award for one of the Ten Companies With Best People Management Practices, illustrating that when a company treats their employees well, as Eucatex has done, it results in increased customer satisfaction and improved business growth prospects.

Here’s to another 60 years of continuous sustainability growth and success for Eucatex, among the worldwide leaders in the textile industry.