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Josh Verne: How to Find Your Path and Excel in Life and Business

There are many paths to business and life success. However, no matter the path you choose to take, you have to get out of your way. Josh Verne can teach you how to do just that and find the success you want.

Josh Verne is a family man and an accomplished entrepreneur. Despite starting from an underdog’s position, he has started, grown, and sold numerous businesses in his over 20 years of entrepreneurship.

Josh Verne is currently the CEO of, a college covered website that teaches students about life in a millennial-friendly language. In a recent interview with Andrew Ferebee, Josh gave nuggets of wisdom on how everyone can succeed in life and business. His advice draws on the lessons he has learned as a young boxer, entrepreneur, and family man. Here is a summary of the lessons.

1. Be a Leader Not a Boss

Josh started his first business when he was nine and learned how to be a leader and not a boss when he was 19. Since then, he has always craved to be a leader to the thousands of employees who have worked for him over the years.

Leaders earn respect by putting their people before themselves. They then use the earned respect to accomplish mutually set and agreed on goals. Conversely, bosses rely on their titles to achieve goals, they demand respect and only do what suits them.

2. Every Deal Should be a Win-Win

You should always endeavor to offer value to all parties involved in your deals. Your business should benefit you, your employees, your clients, and the society you operate in. Never agree to deals or follow plans of action that are win-lose. Your staff will feel valued, and they will take good care of your customers. Happy employees and satisfied clients are the recipe for success.

3. Speak Less, Listen More

A boxing partner reminded Josh Verne that people have two ears and a single mouth for a reason. Speaking less and listening more gives power to your words, and makes you seem authoritative.

4. Find Some Balance

Life is multi-faceted. Money, health, relationships and personal growth are all important ingredients to a happy life. Don’t neglect any aspect of your life.

5. Follow Your Passion

Josh left boxing when he realized he was not committed to the sport. He advises people to find what they’re passionate about and look for ways to monetize those passions. Find something you’re passionate about, and you won’t have a problem skipping parties or working odd hours.

6. Work According to How You’re Wired

People are wired differently. For instance, some people love risks, and others are risk-averse. Understand yourself and work along with your strengths.