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The Many Leadership Skills Of Stephen P. Murray

One of the amazing things about leadership is that we all know it when we see it. Such was the case with my late colleague Stephen P. Murray. Like only a handful of others I can name, his leadership skills were obvious once you worked with him for only a short period of time.

It is not easy to lead people and teach them to how to property manage capital. From the very first time I met him at our banking training program, I was struck by his ability to take what we were learning and help us all understand it better.

Stephen Murray was able to take bits of data and show us all how to properly marshal them. At every turn, it was clear that he cared about both the data and the needs of his co-workers. This was his life and I was lucky to share it with him.

Growing Capital

As head of CCMP Capital, Murray oversaw a large team of staffers as they engaged in the business of growing capital and middle-market leveraged buyouts.

Stephen Murray taught so many people how to take a simple spreadsheet and use it to see where a company had been was likely to be going in the future.

This ability was an ability that helped him raise capital, making CCMP Capital a powerhouse in the world of finance. Thanks to his help, we were all so excited to be at his side as we watched him make deal after deal.

So many people knew that they could count on his expertise and his ability to create value for clients. We also knew that his leadership skills would help us all thrive and succeed in our chosen world of finance.

Head Of The Buyout Business

Stephen Murray was really very much the head of the buyout business. This was something that he loved to do. He was also someone who showed us all how it was possible to turn a few stats and insights into a much larger deal.

We all knew that he was the right person to head the buyout business at the capital firm because he could offer impressive leadership skills that gave all of us the opportunity to see the world not only as it was but as it could be very soon. I highly regret his loss and wish to add my full sorrow at his sad passing.

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