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Andy Wirth Announces New Improvements To Squaw Valley Resorts

Squaw Valley has always been a place that welcomes those who love to ski. Winter is a happy time here in this part of the nation. Those who want to visit this part of the world are in for a new treat.

Traveling between Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley in Lake Tahoe will soon be even easier than ever. Andy Wirth, one of the major investors and owners in the area, has announced brand new plans to help make it easier to get from one of the resorts to other. He is hopeful this will make it even more pleasant to be here during the winter.

A New Gondola

Two resorts, Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley are obvious quite close to each other. However, traveling between the two of them can be challenging. While each can be seen while there, getting from one to the next can take a lot of work and may involve the use of multiple forms of transportation.

Wirth hopes to change this possible challenge and make it easier. He is planning to implement a gondola system. The lovely gondola should help preserve the views from each mountain and make traveling there less stressful for visitors.

The planned gondola will be created in order to operate in three specific parts. Each part will offer the chance for the traveler to sit back and relax as they look on the window on the way to the other resort.

All travelers in the are looking forward to seeing the new system implemented. The system of an easy means of travel between the two resorts has long been a dream of those here who love skiing in the entire region and admire the beauty of both Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows.  Read more: Update on CEO Andy Wirth and his letter

Andy Wirth Knows The Area

One person who has lived and worked in the area for many years is someone who is very much the driving force behind the new creation of this gondola system. Andy Wirth is the Chief Operating Officer for the resorts and someone who is driven by a vision.

According to CBS, Andy Wirth has spend a great deal of time working to make this resort an area that is home to world class skiing.

He loves living here as he can spend a lot of time pursuing his own love out all things related to the outdoors. He is hopeful this gondola project will be completed soon.