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White Shark Media Pays Attention To Its Clients Complaints

White Shark Media is among the leading digital marketing agencies. The company delivers online marketing solutions that are tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. Over the years, White Shark Media has been offering various services to its vast client base through its inventive search engine marketing strategies. The company’s cost effective as well as flat fee marketing solutions are availed to clients with complete transparency. They are also provided with no contracts and administrative access to a client’s Google AdWords account.

White Shark Media was formed in 2011. By 2014, Google recognized the firm’s expertise. Later, it entered the Google AdWords Premier SMB Partnership. Additionally, White Shark Media joined the high-status Bing Ads Authorized Reseller alliance.

White Shark Media has managed to attract and retain its clients as its team of certified marketing experts provides them with outstanding customer experience. They enjoy quick responses to phone calls and e-mails. Clients receive enhanced reporting on each important metric. White Shark Media uses a world class formula that tracks clients’ marketing endeavors.

Each month, the company enhances its accountability to all its clients by using Google Analytics, Keyword- level call tracking, as well as proprietary reporting software. Its assigned team of professionals assists clients to identify and reach their business goals on local marketing, Hispanic marketing, or Google Shopping.

Since 2011, White Shark Media has received immense compliments from its diverse clients. However, other clients have shared their complaints. So far, the company has performed exceptionally with the lowest complaints. Having made a few mistakes and learned from them, White Shark Media has created better services, which are consumer oriented. Over the years, the company has utilized the compliments and the complaints to improve its offing.

In the past couple of years, some of the common complaints that clients complained about include losing touch with their AdWords Campaigns. To avoid this mistake, White Shark Media ensured that each client receives full explanation about the entire process of their new campaigns. This way, they are able to monitor performance of the keywords in an appropriate manner. Additionally, there are clients that do not feel that the communication is effective. To this end, White Shark Media has implemented phone systems that have direct extensions and status calls with GoToMeeting each month to enable clients get hold of their contact persons. Other clients wish that White Shark Media offered SEO services. To date, the company helps clients identify effective SEO strategies and offers free installation services, especially for call tracking and conversion tracking.

White Shark Media has made it easier for its clients to run their businesses by helping them to manage AdWords in an effective manner. The company continues to review its services with the objective of satisfying the utility of its clients.


The Best Way of Using SEO Keywords

Using keywords is a crucial aspect in your SEO strategy and also other online marketing campaign.

Keywords are used to classify your entity, target desired audience and decide the nature of content that would be posted on your website. Search engine optimizations have been using keywords in order to obtain a higher rank in the SERPs, which has transformed over the years. Due to this, search engines have evolved so as to present excellent results to the end user. Some SEOs normally use many keywords in title and content pages, regardless if they are making sense or not resulting into unreliable search result.
Keyword stuffing should be avoided because they don’t deliver the desired content to the users. Any keyword should be repeated reasonably to help you improve on organic positioning in the search. Optimizing for users is necessary instead of optimizing for search engines because it will lead to keyword stuffing. A keyword should be used in your page, but focus should be on the users you are attracting to that page.
The best strategy is to mention the keyword in the first title page since it will direct searchers the content they will find on that page. Also, place the keyword in your main headline because users will find a similar topic on the search snippet as well as the landing page. Meta description is very crucial since it normally boost your position in the search. The idea is to target users and an excellent description will play significant role of attracting the users. The keyword should be repeated two to three times within the content page to make it have more sense.
White Shark Media is an expert firm in SEO field. The company has assisted many clients who have managed to increase their knowledge of Google AdWords. White Shark Media has offered excellent services to entities that target online market to increase their sales. The firm is very attentive to the needs of their clients and using their expertise to work within the clients’ budget and deliver amazing results. In fact, those who have used the services of White Shark media have increased their customer base.
The clients cannot hesitate to recommend other companies to White Shark Media. The firm targets Latin American market and the campaigns performed by Sabrina have exposed the firm and increased its conversions drastically. By engaging White Shark Media you are assured of optimizing marketing campaigns for your company.

Source: White Shark Media Blog

White Shark Media

Problems arise in every business. How they are handled determines how well the business will do with loyal clients and new clients as well. After all, if customer service is lousy and complaints are ignored, customers will find another business to deal with.

No business wants to be known as a business that ignores customer complaints. The best businesses will not only listen to the complaints. They will implement ideas and strategies to fix the complaints and limit future complaints.

White Shark Media has experienced their fair share of complaints from dissatisfied customers. Complaints ranged from not being able to get in touch with a contact person to being given a contact person that did not know them or their business. It was a frustrating situation for the customers.

White Shark Media knew that to keep customers satisfied, they must be heard and problems must be fixed. By assigning each client a contact person with knowledge of their needs they were able to cut down on the number of dissatisfied customers. They also implemented a monthly meeting so that clients could review problems or questions with their contact person.

By fixing the communication problems, White Shark Media was able to keep loyal customers happy. When customers are satisfied they tell others. Word of mouth is a powerful way to build a business…or to sink one. By making sure the people were happy, White Shark Media actually built their business.

Complaints are hard for a business. Sometimes they are very frustrating. Everyone wants to be patted on the back and told that they did a good job. There are some simple steps every business can use to make sure they get fewer complaints.

The first step is to listen carefully to your customers. Even if the problem can’t be easily fixed, being aware of it will help. You can assure your clients that you are working on a solution.

Next, try to solve the problem. If a customer is complaining about call back times- fix it. Make it a priority to return calls. If they are unhappy with the contact person, find someone else that can answer their questions.

Lastly, get feedback. Ask if the problem was solved to their satisfaction. Feedback will allow you to see what you did right and where you could improve. With these easy steps you will get fewer complaints and happier clients.