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Quick Adaptability to Change Becoming Increasingly Important for SEO Agencies

For SEO agencies, having the ability to adapt to change has always been a standard requirement to succeed in the industry. Most agency owners and SEO experts immediately think of yet another Google update when they see the word “change.” In many cases, they’ll be right. Search engines often modify the way their ranking algorithm works. Sometimes, this may result in website elements or content types that were perfectly fine a few days ago now incurring penalties. The most recent example of this is Google now penalizing websites that display intrusive interstitials after the user reaches them from a search done on mobile.


But for those working with larger clients, the changes are now a lot more likely to come from the client, rather than Google. Adjusting to them quickly enough may be a challenge, even for those with a high amount of experience in the SEO world.


There are several real-world cases where being able to make immediate changes was crucial to keeping the client happy. For example, an SEO agency that is focused on getting conversions by increasingly focusing their efforts on keywords that generate more sales has been asked to switch focus to just traffic growth. The reason behind this was that the current owners of the company were trying to find a buyer for the business and had to show that website traffic was growing, with conversions being of little importance.


Such a request may not make too much sense, especially for SEO firms used to working with small businesses, who rarely have the luxury of spending money just to make traffic numbers look good. But when dealing with bigger clients, being asked to quickly change the way their SEO campaigns work is a possibility. In this scenario, the SEO services provider was able to identify some high-volume, but low quality keywords that the site already ranked for and changed the optimization strategy over to them, which gave the client exactly what they were looking for.