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Jason Hope: The Arizona Based Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Futuristic

Jason Hope is an investor, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and futurist, operating from Scottsdale, Arizona. He has a passion for community giving and technology. Besides his business and philanthropic initiatives, Jason has a deep interest in local and national politics as related to business.

Currently, Jason Hope has multiple entrepreneurial interests in industries that are leveraging computer and technology information systems.

Jason Hope on Internet of Things

Internet of Things analysts are trying to figure out how it’s going to change or shape the future of mankind. Jason Hope, the futurist is convinced that already, The Internet of Things (IoT) is here. According to Jason Hope, we are no longer just getting access to the Internet using our smartphones, but these same devices are now able to communicate with the consumer, manufacturer, and/or with other connected devices. This, according to Jason Hope is going to open up exciting and new possibilities in technology, retail, health care, and more.

The Future

In the years ahead, Jason is convinced that if a device doesn’t come embedded with modern software, electronics, sensors or some other form of connectivity then most likely, it will be rendered obsolete. At the same time, the world is going to witness a wider acceptance of mobile payment.

However, security will continue to be a major concern for all involved in the development and growth of the IoT. After all, you will not want to be driving a car that is connected only to have a hacker taking control.

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Contributions to Philanthropy

Jason Hope has a passion for philanthropy that focuses on disease cure, educational grants, scientific research and biotechnology. He strongly supports local educational programs that are geared towards encouraging learning inside and out the classroom plus those organizations that show considerable impact on disease control, prevention, and cures. He has been working with numerous organizations that are active in these areas.

One such organization is the SENS Foundation. In December 2010, the Arizona-based businessman announced a donation to the SENS Foundation amounting to $500,000. Founded in 2009, this non-profit organization works towards promoting, developing and ensuring wider access to rejuvenation biotechnologies that are comprehensively addressing issues of age-related disease.


Jason Hope resides in Scottsdale, Arizona from where he uses his vast resources towards supporting various research projects as well as local charities. Being an Arizona native, he grew up in Tempe, getting a finance degree from Arizona State University. He has an MBA from W.P. Carey School of Business at the same University. Jason believes that, technology, if developed appropriately, can greatly contribute towards improving humanity’s future.