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Equities First Brings Innovation To The World Of Lending

The lending industry hasn’t had an easy time adjusting to the financial crises and political upheavals across the world. The aftermath has resulted in conditions leaving many simply unable to qualify for a loan due to low credit ratings, lack of employment, and other problems that affect the ability of an individual to borrow money. Amidst these problems some lending firms have turned to innovation in order to find ways to help borrowers who may not find the convention borrowing model caters to them. Among these innovators is the lending firm Equities First Holdings.


Founded in 2002, the firm has focused on a new approach towards collateral to provide low interest rate loans to its clientele. At Equities First borrowers may use stocks and bonds as collateral to secure their loans. This offers investors a way to use their assets to acquire funding when it’s needed. These stock secured loans are offered as an alternative to the margin loans that are generally more common. When lenders give out margin loans they general require that applicants qualify for the loans. The financial history of the applicant is scrutinized and tested against certain criteria. With the loans given out by Equities First there is no need for this process. The stocks used as collateral allow Equities First to provide loans without any concerns over the potential issues of trust that often come up during situations like these.


The success of Equities First speaks volumes about their approach to the lending process. The lender has billions in assets and operates in countries throughout the world. Financial hardships often force people to come up with creative ways to solve their problems. The problems seen across the world have made conditions difficult for borrowers. Equities First Holdings has discovered a way to get borrowers the help they need no matter what their circumstances are.


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