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The Passion Of Gregory Aziz For The Railroad Business

Gregory Aziz is one of the few leaders in business who find the best ways and ideas to propel the further growth of a company. As the CEO of National Steel Car for over 23 years now, Gregory J Aziz continues to inspire others and fuel the growth of the business he’s in with his excellent experience in engineering, quality assurance, and manufacturing. The reputation he has built for making North America one of the leading producers of railroad freight car also ensures Greg James Aziz the status of outstanding leadership and stellar management skills.

Greg Aziz got his education at Western University and took up Economics before producing a company that is a leader in the railroad business. This education doesn’t mean that Greg is now complacent in doing the business he led into the best in the industry. He continues to challenge himself and raising the bar to what a business should be in the industry that it belongs.

Raising The Bar of Leadership

Greg Aziz is giving the deepest sense of purpose to whatever he does and to the company he leads. The dedication of Greg has also given him the strength to provide an unmatched level of passion for the railroad industry. Greg uses his passion and core values as a fuel to provide a kind of leadership that is rooted in the desire to serve the people and the society with the most ethical standards.

Greg is also raising the bar of leadership by making sure that he gains the trust of the customers to provide them with the best quality railcar options for many different delivery needs. The high delivery performance that Greg brings to the company also makes him an outstanding leader who gave the railroad company an ISO 9001:2008 certification.

With Greg’s leadership, the company he led has now received recognition and honor with the TTX SECO award 13 given to it consistently for at least ten years.

Past Achievements Are Not The End

National Steel Car will not stop at the laurels that Greg was able to provide for the company. With the unceasing passion of Greg James Aziz to continue to address the demands and needs of businesses who need railroad service, he now handles a 2000-strong workforce and employees who pride in being part of Greg’s passion for quality service.

Greg’s employee workforce is the key to making him the top leader in the railroad business, and Greg appreciates their work by providing them with all the perks and benefits that they deserve.