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Sultan Alhokair Seeks Out The Seeds Of Growth

Starting a new business is scary and exciting, and many great ideas fall to the wayside for lack of funding. Using the proper strategies will help gain the capital that a new business needs. Smart and successful investors, like Sultan Alhokair, use a number of criteria when making a decision on their investments.

Sultan’s career in investing began with his schooling at the Northeastern University in 2009. His studies included the fields of Financial Accounting, Family Business Management, and Small Business Management. He has developed his skill and knowledge in the fashion investment arena, and is currently at the Retail Group of America where he is the Project Manager. He also involves himself with Valia Investments as a venture partner.

When Sultan Alhokair is seeking new properties, he looks into the sustainability and profitability of the business. To win over the investors, it is important to take these pointers from Sultan on how to attract the attention of potential investors and seal the deal on your business investment proposition.

Set Up A Five Year Plan
Create a plan that explains and shows the ideas, aspirations, and projections for a five year term of time. This will show investors that there is thought, passion, and a long-term commitment to the project.

Envisioning A Return
Map out the plan for the payment of the investments. Showing the plan for returning an investor’s money is always a welcomed sight for the capitalist. Investors are looking to get their investment back as soon as possible. When there is a plan in place, the investors feel more at ease and secure.

Tell A Story
The presentation that one brings before investors needs to tell a story. Investors want to know that there is more to the project than simply revenue. Project creators need be energetic, enthusiastic, proud, and devoted. A product or idea with a story is always much more interesting than a flat white board presentation or power point presentation.

Customer Response
Organize the customer response and sales for the project. Showing the investors that the public is interested in the product will help to sway the vote of the skeptical investor. When a new business gives an investor positive customer feedback and high levels of customer demand, the potential for swaying that investor is high.

New businesses can benefit from using Sultan Alhokair’s guidelines to convince investors to take a chance on a new investment. Keeping presentations professional and to the point, will turn the heads of investors and get a new business the capital that it needs.