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George Soros Donates Funds for Democratic Campaigns

George Soros is considered to be one of the wealthiest individuals in the United States. He was born in Hungary and later moved to the US. The billionaire is known for his charitable giving, especially to humanitarian causes in the community. George Soros is also one of the individuals who fund political campaigns in the country.

In 2004, George Soros spent more than twenty-seven million dollars trying to defeat President George Bush. After the campaign, Soros went quiet on political activities. This year, the billionaire has reemerged as one of the leading funders of the Democratic Party. Soros is also one of the primary boogeymen for the conservatives.

At the beginning of the year, George Soros committed at least twenty-five million dollars to boost the Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, and other Democratic causes. The Federal Election Commission records show that most of the money has already been donated. Close associates and some of the prominent Democratic fundraising operatives say that they expect the billionaire who recently amassed a massive fortune of twenty billion in the currency trade to give more funds as the election date nears.

The billionaire is currently based in New York, and he had earlier planned to attend one of the Democratic conventions where Hilary Clinton would accept her presidential nomination on Clinton and Soros have a twenty-five-year-old relationship, and the billionaire wanted to witness the occasion. His associates, however, say that the trip was canceled at the last minute because the billionaire had just returned from active trading, and he needed to monitor the economic climate in Europe.

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Individuals who are close to Soros say that this year, he is more politically engaged than ever. This is because the billionaire has a lot of faith in Clinton, and he is against Donald Trump candidacy on Investopedia. Soros has accused Trump of doing the work of ISIS because he is stoking fears among the Americans.

Michael Vachon is the political advisor to George Soros, and he says that this time, his boss has always been a consistent donor to the Democratic causes. However, this year, the political stakes had proved to be extremely high. Michael says that the stakes were high before Trump’s nomination. According to Vachon, the other side was very hostile to the issues the billionaire cares about such as criminal justice, immigration reform and religious tolerance.

The decision by George Soros to fund the Democratic political campaigns is an excellent sign for Clinton. Experts in the country believe that Soros donations will catalyze giving from other wealthy activists in the country. Apart from George Soros, other elite individuals in the country are already stroking their big checks. Tom Steyer has given thirty-one million for the campaigns so far.


The Koch Brothers New Family Office for Investments

The Koch Family has quietly started their new office. The purpose behind it is to invest their money. This is actually a call back to a tradition started by ancestor Hotze Koch. This was when America was more of a free market. This happened in 1888. The grandsons, Charles and David are paying more attention to this year. In fact, they are naming their new operation after the year. The full name of their establishment is 1888 Management LLC. They are using this company for the management of their wealth. Among the things the firm is doing is looking for personal investments.

Charles Koch is one of the people in the Koch family that has been trying to influence the country to go back to the days of the free market. Charles believes in and is trying to bring about smaller government and a free market full of opportunities that will not only improve the economy for each individual, but the economy of the nation as a whole. They do participate in philanthropist activities. Among other things they do is speak out on the issues that America is faced with.

Among the issues that Charles Koch is trying to fight with is the abuse of welfare. He is also trying to fight against entitlements and other things that are put in place that he feels is bringing the overall economy down. However, Koch is fair in that he does expect compliance with the law even if they conflict with the personal views. Charles does hope that he will influence the government to change the laws and allow for more opportunities of growth as opposed to smothering the country with regulations. Koch has also been involved with charitable giving to the causes that he believes in. He has given to libertarian causes in the hopes to bring about meaningful change for people.

Myths Versus Facts About the Koch Brothers

The libertarian Koch brothers, David and Charles, have long been the subject of rumors and speculation. They are actively supporting their vision of an anti-government, anti-liberal, free market society and economy. However, rumors and myths about the brothers still persist. For example:

It has been said that the Koch brothers campaign against the Democrats and Obama is a new phenomenon stemming from the 2008 election. This is not true. They have been actively but quietly pushing their agenda for years. Since the 1970s they have founded numerous libertarian “think tanks” such as the Cato Institute in Washington, DC, and groups at universities such as the Mercatus Center at George Mason. David Koch actually ran for Vice President on the Libertarian ticket in 1980. During this time they also donated to lobbying groups that were against social spending, environmental regulations and the taxation of energy. Medicare and social security should be privatized, according to Charles Koch. They were very active during the Bush administration due to social spending for Medicare Part D, and additional regulations that were imposed. They created a network called Americans for Prosperity in 2004 which was in place before the 2008 election in 15 states, which is intended to spread their libertarian ideas nationally and to influence elections.

• Some people think that the brothers’ activity is a personal project. This is also wrong. They fully intend to change the political and economic fabric of the entire country. Charles Koch’s fortune ranks as a tie for fifth largest out of the 400 richest list by Forbes. The brothers have teamed up with hundreds of other like-minded billionaires and millionaires who meet semi-annually for a seminar run by the Kochs. They are organized to make big changes in America.

• Another myth: The network is a corporate front. No, the network is not about corporate profits. It is a wide-ranging, diverse and powerful network of the wealthy who want to end most federal programs, including Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, and other societal safety nets. They oppose any subsidies from the government to private business, and want a totally free market economy.

• The Kochs donate their money to various conservative organizations. Yes, they do, but it is a tight network of targeted organizations, created and funded by the brothers. These extremely conservative groups have specific functions, like appealing to Hispanics, veterans, and potentially conservative politicians. The libertarian Americans for Prosperity has offices in 34 states and lists of supporters in the millions. The network has a huge financial backing, aimed at ousting Democrats and liberals and installing very conservative members of Congress. It is a deadly serious political machine.

• Some think of the Koch network as a third political party. It is not. It is working through the Republican party, and has long range plans to take the party as far right as possible and it wants a Koch agenda. The network uses its fortunes to select and control GOP candidates who follow their line. It is also involved with state, regional and local government bodies. Many Republican office-seekers want and need the funds that Charles Koch can provide, and then follow a political pattern of no-compromise on libertarian principles.

Charles Koch is president and CEO of Koch Industries, the second largest private company in the United States. The firm brings in $115 billion a year and has more than 100,000 employees globally in 60 countries, with 60,000 of those in America.