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Mark Ahn Podcast On Entrepreneurship

Mark Ahn has certainly been busy lately! When he’s not consulting startups, he’s working as a Principal at Pukana Partners among his many endeavors. I’m not sure when he had the time… but luckily for us Eric Dye from the E Podcast Network had a chance to catch up with Portland-based Ahn.

In this fifteen minute twenty-one second podcast Mark Ahn and host Eric Dye delve into the competitive world of entrepreneurship. This podcast can be listened to on Entrepreneur Podcast Network and covers some fascinating topics that any entrepreneur could benefit from. Read more a brief synopsis about the podcast “Emerging Trends in Life Sciences Entrepreneurship” below.

Host Eric Dye begins the podcast by introducing the guest speaker for the day Mark Ahn. He gives a brief description of Mark Ahn’s accomplishments, past and future goals. Mark Ahn is a leader in the biotech sciences field where he received his PhD while completing his dissertation in China. Ahn runs a consulting company called Pukana Partners. He began his biotech career with prestigious companies such as Amgen, Bristol-Myers Squib Company and Genentech. He then decided to become more focused in his career and moved on to work solely in bioentrepreneurship. He began this new phase of his career by founding Hana Biosciences. The company went on to acquire a pharmeceutical company and he then started his firm Pukana Partners.

Mark Ahn spends the podcast discussing emerging trends in entrepreneurship. He begins with the new happenings in the entrepreneur world. He then moves on to discuss who should be concerned with start-up activity and the possible consequences of this activity. He then explains what exactly life sciences entrepreneurship is and why it is important to any and all entrepreneurs. He wraps up the podcast by telling listeners about new approaches in the life sciences entrepreneurship field.

Mark Ahn leaves viewers with a fact-filled punch of a podcast. His explanation of strategic consulting for life sciences companies is priceless to the novice and experienced entrepreneur alike. You don’t want to miss out on this one.