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Pizza ATM Becomes a Reality at Xavier University

Picking up pizza just like you pick up money at an ATM sounds like a bizarre marketing concept for a company. Yet a firm based in France is working with Xavier University in Cincinnati to do just that and satisfy the impulsive hunger cravings of students on campus.

That company, Paline, will begin offering pizzas on August 10 that have been prepared by Xavier’s dining hall staff before then being placed in a refrigerated vending machine just outside the hall. In order to make sure that the complaints about “cardboard pizza” aren’t heard on a daily basis, that dining staff was under the supervision of a French chef who helped train them for approximately 40 hours.

That preparation includes each pizza first being made with vegan dough and then partially baked by the staff. The dining hall’s own tomato sauce is then made, with eight different toppings added. At that point, the pizza is placed inside the machine.

Each order of a pizza is expected to take three minutes. A customer will have a large touch screen in front of them to select the pizza they want, with payment options being either a credit card or the student’s debit card.

Once that’s complete, the ready-made pizza heads into a convection oven inside the machine, cooking the pizza at 475 degrees. When those three minutes are up, the pizza slides into a box and comes out through a slot. Each pizza will cost $10, with each machine stocked with 70 pizzas.