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Betsy and the couple to change education

Elisabeth Dee “Betsy” DeVos is one of the most prominent figures in the American politics and was recently chosen by President Trump to be the Education Secretary in the American government. She has a bright past of fighting to change the American education system for years which has earned her the right to be nominated for such a spot in the White House. Coming from a very wealthy family, Betsy DeVos never stopped pursuing a philanthropical way of living, doing donations and charitable work to develop schools without the vision of profit. By leading campaigns and organizations, Betsy has already done a lot for the American history and the path its educational system is taking, and she didn’t do it all alone. Betsy DeVos and Richard Marvin “Dick” DeVos Jr. are one of the most philanthropical couples in recent spotlights. Through their organization which they founded together, the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, they have been able to make history together. Follow Betsy DeVos on

Betsy Devos is also aligned with many other foundations and groups that support noble causes like the American Federation for Children and the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Pediatric Oncology Program. Her husband runs the West Michigan Aviation Academy where he was able to put in practice his interests in teaching aviation. The couple’s causes do not stay limited to education but also cover an urge for justice and a better political system as well. She has nominated as chairman of the Michigan Republican Party four times already. From 1992 to 1998, she was also part of the Republican National Committee. Her biggest achievements, however, came as the chairman of AFC – American Federation for Children. There, she was able to lead the fight against the United States’ current education system, which she considers “broken” because many kids from poorer families don’t have the chance to study in schools with an education of higher quality.

The couple’s focus on helping their country achieve a better education came when they visited a school named Potter’s House Christian School when they were younger. There, they met kids whose parents were giving a large chunk of their income to allow their children to remain in that school, even if that meant that they wouldn’t have money for other essential things later. They wouldn’t transfer their children to a public school without the feeling that their kids were safe even if that meant a small relief. This reality broke their heart as they kept going back to that school to see how it was doing. The facts forced them to make the decision of helping the education become an essential topic in politics that needs to be changed with urgency. By providing the power of choice for many families until now, She already succeeded. Check this article from New York Post.

Betsy Devos and The Endless Fight for Education Equality

DeVos and her family are considered one of the largest financial contributors to donating causes (in Betsy’s case, usually related to education). She is also a fervent advocate of charter schools, a program that allows public funds to be used in private schools, as she believes that “public school time is over.” The educational model proposed by Betsy is as follows: education must be adapted to the circumstances of each child and learning methods must be modernized. That is why it seeks to throw the current model, which assigns each student a school based on their zip code.

Betsy DeVos is a strong advocate of concerted schools and allows parents to use tuition bonuses for private and religious schools in the name of the “right to decide,” believing that is the future of education and the perfect way to tackle inequality in schools. Her efforts over the years have been focused on helping students that come from minority backgrounds, and she is willing to bet on students, parents, teachers, and the communities.

Jack of All Trades

A businesswoman, philanthropist, activist in the national school reform movement and supporter of charter schools, DeVos served as the chairman of the Republican Party in Michigan and was a longtime associate of the Republican Party as a donor. The best way to have DeVos described is as a “brilliant and passionate promoter of education.”

Along with education, she is also a huge donor to causes that have to do with women’s issues and the promotion of culture. Not only is she an impressive woman, but I consider she has used her power for good, making a change in thousands of lives along the way, promoting wellbeing and the causes that many people forget are important too.

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Who Is Betsy DeVos?

Along with her family, the DeVosses have been among the families that donate the most in the United States. DeVos, 58, is a firm believer that the right to choose education will be a reformation of the current education system and will end up being beneficial for future generations.

She is the heir of Edgar Price’s fortune. She is married to Dick DeVos, who is also an heir of the Amway retail sales giant, and she is sister to Erik Prince, who is the founder of Blackwater USA. Aside from all this, she didn’t need to come from United States royalty to make in on her own. She has been involved in political and philanthropic work for years and is an active element of the Republican party. She is a woman I am sure we will hear a lot more of in the years to come.

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Legal Assistance In Brazil

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Darius Fisher, Status Labs, and Fixing Reputations

There are quite a number of digital marketing and public relations firms out there. None are as unique as Status Labs of Austin, TX. Status Labs still offers many of the traditional marketing and public relations related services clients seek. The company does provide additional services in an area many competitors do not. Status Labs is one of the top online reputation management firm in the world. Status Labs has helped well over 1,000 clients (about 1,500 to be exact) overcome some really awful things published about them online. These clients are located in countries all over the world. Had it not been for the help of Status Labs, a lot of reputations would not have any recourse to address the personal and public relations disaster of terrible things defining them online.

The president and co-founder of Status Labs, Darius Fisher, is being honored for his work as the top executive and guiding light of the company. Fisher’s name is now ranked among PWWeek’s Innovation 50 list. The list is intended to shine a deserved spotlight on the major rising stars in the world of digital communications and public relations. Thanks to steering his company into the realm of online reputation management, Fisher has shown new life can be pumped into a very old industry through changing with the times.

Interestingly and ironically, Fisher has experienced his own crisis situation in the past. There were some rough patches he had to deal with and, mercifully, he was able to overcome them. Something very positive emerged out of those difficult times. Fisher was able to gain valuable insight into crisis management. He can relate better with clients now and knows exactly what they need and how to deliver results.

The success of Status Labs may owe a lot of its co-founder’s personal experiences. While the list of clients is protected via confidentiality agreements, it is not exactly a secret a number of powerful executives and well-known celebrities have sought the help of the firm. Through a series of effective marketing and public relations strategies, the burden of really embarrassing and harmful search engine results is lifted of the heads of clients.

Solving online reputation catastrophes is not easy and really should be left to professionals. The management and staff of Status Labs are among the most qualified experts capable of taking on any type of job.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Has Succeeded In Her Career Because Of Her Training

There can’t be too many career paths that are more complicated and that require more hard work than becoming a cosmetic surgeon, but Dr. Jennifer Walden did not let that scare her off when she was first setting out. She knew that she had all that it took to become a cosmetic surgeon, and she tried for success. She was excited to get started and give her career her all, and that is what she has done since day one. She has tried her hardest to never let anyone down with the kind of surgeries that she has performed on them, and that is why she has done so well in her practice.
Not too many people are able to do the kind of work that Dr. Jennifer Walden has done, and not too many people are able to take the practice that they have started up and to move it across the country while still keeping it popular, either, but that is what she has also done. She has made her career into something so great that people will come to her no matter where she is. People know that they can trust her to do well in the surgeries that she performs, and that is everything to them.
So, when someone wants to get started on a tough career path they should think of Dr. Jennifer Walden and how hard she worked to make her career happen. They should think of the kinds of success that she’s had, and they should realize that any bit of work that they put toward making their career happen will be well worth it. As Dr. Jennifer Walden has proven through her career, good training is everything. As long as one knows what to do, and as long as they do their best all of the time, then they should be able to succeed in their career.