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Michael Zomber Has Several Interesting Hobbies


Michael Zomber has become a very successful person. However, he has been able to achieve this success in a way that he could not have imagined when he was a young boy. Michael originally thought that he was going to be a professor of English literature. He always loved to read and did very well when he was in school. Michael eventually decided to get his college education at the University of Illinois. He was a very ambitious person. This ambition made him decide to take on a double major in English and psychology. The massive amount of work that went with majoring in two subjects was very daunting. However, this only made Michael more determined to succeed.


Michael Zomber went to UCLA and pursued a master’s degree in English literature. However, it was at that point in his life where things changed. He became interested in collecting old guns and samurai swords. There can be no question that both of these hobbies are the real passions in his life. His first encounter with antique guns came at a convention that he went to with one of his friends. He did not have any particular interest in guns at that time. He only went to the convention because he was bored and he was looking for a way to kill some time. He immediately took a liking to the way that some of the old guns were designed. He knew right away that he wanted to start an antique gun collection of his own when he made enough money to do so.


Michael Zomber is now an expert on antique guns. His knowledge on this subject is so extensive that he has been interviewed for various documentaries on the Discovery Channel and the History Channel. He has also given numerous lectures on this subject, as well as having written many books, most of which available on Michael Zomber also has a very large collection of samurai swords. His fascination with samurai culture led him to write and direct a documentary film on this subject. Michael’s collection of samurai swords is thought to be one of the most impressive in the world. He has loaned his collection to museums.  Be sure to follow Michael on social media, including Facebook.   Otherwise, follow the entertainment side of his career on IMDb.