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New Online Marketing Workshops Created for Farmers

Even though farmers have never been seen as a group with a passion for new technology, many have realized that they can help grow their businesses by using various online platform to connect with their audience. Online marketing use has become a lot more prevalent in the farming industry after a large number of farming operations around the country have started to directly market their products to consumers. Some have also opted to take advantage of the rising popularity of agritourism activities by organizing events aimed at visitors to farming regions who want to discover more about the industry.


The University of Tennessee Center for Profitable Agriculture (CPA) has recently set up a series of workshops to help farmers and representatives of farmers markets learn how to make use of advanced online marketing strategies. The workshops, called “Growing Digital” present many online marketing strategies that can be particularly valuable to farmers whose business model puts them in contact with consumers. Three workshops are offered, each focusing on a specific area of online marketing. The main topics are e-commerce, video content creation and marketing and advanced social media.


E-commerce and social media workshops are planned for various dates in November and December 2016. The video marketing workshop is expected to take place six times in January 2017. The planned workshops will be presented in various locations across Tennessee, including Milan, Murfreesboro and Knoxville.


With close to 87 percent of American adults regularly using the Internet to connect with other people and search for information, having an online presence is essential for any business that wants to be found by its target audience. Many farmers have taken notice of this and now have websites and social media pages.


The workshop organizers want to help farmers take their current online marketing efforts to the next level by showing them more advanced techniques and strategies that they may not be familiar with. By improving the quality and efficiency of their online presence, farmers will get the potential to reach an even bigger audience and thus make more sales.