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The Nintendo Switch Reflects Critical Point In The Company’s History

Nintendo is always at work trying to release incredible new products that consumers will appreciate. By “appreciate”, it is meant they choose to buy the product when first released at full price. The costs of developing new products are not exactly cheap. No guarantees exist that anything Nintendo manufactures is going to sell. Right now, a lot of fingers are crossed in Nintendo’s offices regarding the development of the Nintendo Switch. The Switch is a really interesting-looking console designed to deliver a mix of home and portable function.


Nervousness abounds with the release of the Nintendo Switch because the company really does need a hit. The company has suffered from loss in market share due to competition from mobile gaming systems. Continual losses in market share mean less revenue running into a company’s coffers. This is an obvious problem. Lesser profits means less money for development. Coming up with something new like the Nintendo Switch becomes a lot more difficult when fewer funds are available.


Another problem, a really serious problem, also presents itself when a company suffers a loss of market share. Popularity declines. How could it not? Fewer people are buying the products the company puts out. A disastrous issue here would be the damage presented to the company’s brand. Once a brand is relegated to “also ran” or “has been” status, clawing back to a prominent position in an industry becomes difficult.


Nintendo has a very storied history in the global gaming landscape. The brand would not exactly be destroyed after one or two years of weak sales. If the Nintendo Switch does not reflect improvements in sales, then the company could be in serious trouble. More and more embarrassing years of market indifference begin adding up. Nintendo has a lot riding on the Nintendo Switch’s March 2017 release.


Pokémon Go: Far More Popular Than Anticipated

If you can bare putting your phone down and refraining from playing Pokémon Go for a brief minute, you will find out just how successful this game really is, and what it has done for Nintendo as a company. Sure, you see everyone else playing; you even hear the news stories about people getting injured in their definition of the line of duty, but when you actually learn the numbers and green this game has generated, you might find the game to be more popular than you initially anticipated.

Last Wednesday, July 13, 2016, Nintendo was worth money–that is no secret. In less than a week, though, the company has skyrocketed into further stardom, and is worth over $9 billion and counting! Since the release of Pokémon Go, Nintendo stocks have risen over 40%, with 25% being in one day alone. Clearly, the numbers speak volumes of not only the game’s reputability, but the profound gratitude and happiness expressed by the game’s creators.

Of course, Pokémon originated well before the mobile application and smart phone era, but creators have disclosed that they were well prepared for this fairly advanced time. Long have they envisioned the establishment of this game, but few words could have ever prepared them to witness such abundant numbers, positive feedback, and the overall fact that they are making a fairly dark time illuminate with their creation of an outlet for millions. As the creators prepare to launch the game in Japan on July 20, 2016, numbers are expected to nearly triple.