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Coriant Hires Telecom Industry Veteran as CEO


About Coriant

Coriant is the core for innovative and dynamic networking solutions. This company has provided network operators with a fast changing and cloud-enabled business atmosphere. It has enabled network operators to simplify operations, and improve the utilizations of multilayer network resources. It is the final destination for all global leading network operators. The company has spread its roots in over 100 countries and supplied Tier 1 communications service providers, cloud providers, enterprises and government agencies.


It was formed in 2013; the parent company was Marlin Equity. Before becoming an independent company, it was owned by Nokia Siemens Networks. It utilizes technology from various companies including sycamore, Siemens and Tellabs Networks.

What it offers

Coriant offers a broad range of products to various networking and communication industries globally. Some of the companies it services include: service providers, banking and finance firms, utility network operators, educational institutions and government agencies to mention a few. The company offers a variety of products as well; they include intelligent networking management, MSPP, and Ethernet. Also, they have a proven record of providing multi-layer packet optical and IP transport.

The company is headed to another level of networking advancement by engaging the services of Juniper former CEO and Verizon veteran Shaygan Kheradpir. Before this, Shaygan was part of Cordiant’s senior managers as an operating partner. Shaygan is a 55-year-old telecom veteran; he was a key executive at Verizon and GTE. He was instrumental in helping Telco roll out its FiOS FTTH service program that included a capital investment of $20 billion.

About Shaygan Kheradpir the new CEO

Born in 1960 in London, Kheradpir holds a bachelor’s; master’s a doctorate in electrical engineering from Cornell University. He started his career in GTE Laboratories where he worked on network routing, management, and control. When GTE merged with Bell to form Verizon Communications, he served as the president of the company’s e-business division and later became the first CIO/CTO. In 2011, Kheradpir joined Barclays as Chief Operating Officer before joining Juniper as CEO in 2014.

As Coriant CEO, He is faced with the challenge of growing against a group of competitors like Alcatel –Lucet Ciena, Cisco, and Infinera. The company recorded a decline of 11 percent in its revenue. His tasks as the new CEO will be to drive new cells of its equipment to meet service providers’ 100G, mobile backhaul upgrade to accommodate 4G upcoming 5G deployments.

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Los Angeles Real Estate Booms Again

Back in 2007 and 2008, the U.S. economy faced a major meltdown, lead largely by problems associated with the real estate bubble. Yes, it was a devastating time for Americans in every field of work, but realtors, understandably, had a very hard time dealing with the fallout of the meltdown. Today, however, there is good news about real estate, as cities like Los Angeles are currently seeing a major comeback. Once again, it’s an exciting time to be a real estate professional, especially in this again thriving entertainment mecca.

Realtors Get Busy as The Tech Boom Heats Up

Part of the surge in housing demand in Los Angeles is coming from the boom in tech jobs. Los Angeles is becoming a mecca for tech startup companies, and many are starting offices in the beach areas, which has lead many to call the new business area “Silicon Beach.” These hot, well paying jobs are attracting many families who are relocating here and understandably, these people need professional, licensed realtors to show them homes. All of this is good news, of course, for real estate professionals in the area.
Los Angeles Realtors

Realtors in competitive areas like Los Angeles have to be skilled at what they do. Many realtors have a background in finance, law and economics. What’s also needed is an ability to work well with people, as home buying is a very sensitive and emotional exercise. The best realtors know this, and combine these skills with a wide base of social connections.
A New Approach

Some people who are new to realty are looking at fresh new approaches to selling. Today there are companies that offer coaching for people who are getting started in the profession. The idea is to help new realtors hone their skills while also considering news ways of working. Real Estate Mavericks, at, is one company that is enjoying success with its coaching classes.

Real Estate Mavericks has the idea that some of the tried and true approaches to selling real estate need to be rethought. The classes with this company show realtors how to go about their sales approach in new ways that are innovative and very proactive. The success of the graduates of these coaching classes attests to the smart way this company is looking at the whole real estate profession.

Yes, it’s a great time to be selling real estate in Los Angeles. It’s also a smart time for new realtors to hone their skills, so why not give the Real Estate Mavericks a try?

Plymouth Rock’s Unique and Prime Changes


Plymouth Rock Assurance (the auto insurance company based out of Boston) recently introduced their “Prime,” an online tool for residents in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire which allows individuals to purchase and monitor an auto insurance policy and connect with independent agents locally.

As consumers purchase a policy at, using the new Prime system, it is then transferred to local agents to provide assistance and advice when needed. While the agent owns the individual’s business from that point on, they are also free to make changes on the policy for improvements.

Recently the Insurance Journal published an article titled Plymouth Rock’s Prime Combines Online Sales with Independent Agent Channel (see Your text to link…) that evaluates options that consumers have when purchasing and overseeing their policies online. However Prime offers customers the help from independent agents, plus the Internet. If obtaining a quote at the company website, this information is placed into a type of quote marketplace for agents of Plymouth Rock, allowing them to obtain leads.

This company was founded by New York City born business executive and CEO of Plymouth Rock Assurance Corporation, James Stone. Educated at Harvard University, he earned a bachelor’s degree in economics and later he also taught this subject. In the 1970’s Stone served as the Commissioner of Insurance for Massachusetts and later headed to Washington D.C. where he took on the position of Chairman and Commissioner of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

Jim’s knowledge of building relationships and interpreting changes led him to take on the role of a government advisor for developing countries. This insurance savvy-individual also wrote several articles (and a book) about finance and the insurance industry. Jim had also been a Board of Directors member for the Boston Globe, the American newspaper which has been around since 1872.

Currently Prime’s merging of the agent and on-line experience is receiving good feedback as it has enhanced the insurance quoting process to assist customers and the independent local agent. Prime will be available to more consumers when it soo goes “live” in New Hampshire and Connecticut.

Perennially Performing Purina

In my life, Purina is a quintessential part of what it means to be raised on a ranch in a rural area. The Purina brand adorned all of the products that we fed to our animals including pets. Our dogs were our pets, but they were also tools on the ranch that were expected to carry their own weight. They were an integral part of our life, and we could not function without them. However, they were larger dogs, and they expended a lot of energy in the daily function of herding various animals around the ranch including large animals like horses and cattle, but also chickens, chicks and everything in between. Everything on the ranch was fed with Purina products, mostly those we saw featured in Purina news. We even had an old Purina sign as repair roofing on our shed.

Our animals were part of producing the income that carried our family through many decades of growth, and the feed that we utilized made this possible. However, this made it seem as though it was part of an old mode of thinking when I initially went to college to study agriculture. Many different products were pitched to us throughout our education. I know now that in many cases these products were pushed to us because our professors had vested interests in some of the companies that they lauded, and they actually did not utilize the actual products on their own farms or ranches. I found this out the hard way because when I started my own ranch, I started to utilize some of the more expensive products that I had been led to believe would give me an edge over other ranches including my father’s ranch on which I grew up.

My father would only smile when I shunned the old Purina brand that he was utilizing. I promised that I would have more eggs, better dogs and horses. The results were almost immediately noticeable. At first, my chickens got mites. There are several ways to rid them, but my dad’s chickens never had parasites. Additionally, when our dogs worked together, his dogs would out work mine. It also seemed that my dogs needed a longer recovery time. Once I conceded that he was a better rancher, he told me to look toward the nutrition. He said that he was loyal to the Purina brand because it is superior, not because he was old-fashioned.

Hide And Seek With Afghan Clinics

While discrepancies in governmental data are not rare, it is problematic when two US agencies, tasked with the oversight of health care facilities and the expenditure of millions on Afghanistan medical facilities, cannot agree on the location of more than 80% of the health clinics. In a country where travel is difficult, this may seem trivial, but the geospatial data used to tag these facilities in the Afghanistan villages and rural areas is necessary to verify that inspections actually take place and proper money allocation happens.

These discrepancies surfaced when the Special Inspector General for Afghan Reconstruction (SIGAR) asked the US Agency for International Development (USAID) for the location data of 641 medical facilities that USAID funds in Afghanistan. While USAID readily gave the list, the locations of a majority of the facilities were not where the data placed them. Per The Intercept, the data placed one in the Mediterranean Sea, thirteen were duplicates, and ninety had no location data supplied.

It seems logical that to provide oversight of the facilities and expenditures, everyone must know the location of each clinic. Even someone like Susan McGalla understands that. In answer to questions about the data, the USAID told inquirers that it maintains connections with local Afghan staff and monitors who regularly check the clinics. In addition, the USAID continues to work closely with the Afghan Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) to update and correct the inaccurate data causing the difficulties.

Jeb Bush to Hobnob with Coal & Energy Sector Executives in Golf & Fly Fishing Retreat

It is without question that US Coal Industry and Energy Sector would be hard hit by the current clean coal standards under consideration by the EPA. Nor does the energy sector forget that candidate Obama proudly boasted that the clean coal standards he would promote were designed to put the coal industry out of business. So it is no wonder that key executives from those sectors are courting a GOP candidate who would adopt what are more sensible reform measures from their vantage point.

Well, next week those executives will get their chance when they gather together at a golf & fly fishing retreat at $7,500 per plate. The event will take place in Bristol, Virginia, and will be hosted by the Coal & Investment Leadership Forum. Bush is considered the establishment GOP’s preferred candidate. Given the fact that Bush has not yet formally declared his candidacy, he is allowed to continue raising funds without having to report on the donors. The gathering will also be exclusive and the press will not be allowed.

The following major coal mining companies will be taking part in the activity: Nick DeIuliis of Consol Energy, Garry Drummond of Drummond Company, Joe Craft III of Alliance Resource Partners, John Eaves of Arch Coal, Jim McGlothlin of United Coal Company, and Kevin Crutchfield of Alpha Natural Resources. The closed door nature of the meeting has the political left critical of Bush’s outreach to the coal industry. Flavio Maluf will be seeing how this all develops, as more information can be found here.

Boy Caught Helping Elderly Man Home

A young man from the Great Manchester area in the United Kingdom has become an internet sensation over night as he got spotted walking a elderly man home from his shopping trip. Of course, someone took the photo of him and the image instantly went viral on Facebook which has gotten the English teen plenty of recognition. According to an article found on reddit and written by, the young man’s name is Chrsitan Trouesdale and he works for the store “Aldi” as a Stock Assistant. No doubt that his employer loves this bout of fame they got as it not only promotes what a wonderful staff they have, but they were able to get their logo out there in the media for being connected to Trouesdale.

Even though being associated with your deeds is not always good for the employer, it certainly was in this case as Trouesdale forgot to change clothes before helping the old man home. Bystanders who watched it all happen remarked at how poised, understanding, and wonderful Christian was with the man and that also got him thousands upon thousands of messages over social media and email. It is always so nice to hear about a story like this home, and maybe his good deeds will be enough to get him a raise from his boss. At Wikipedia, they’d probably consider it. Well, or some kind of pat on the back would be fantastic for him to get back if you ask Brad Reifler.

Death Toll is on the Rise in Nepal

Over last weekend, the small Asian country of Nepal suffered from a devastating earthquake. On Saturday, the earthquake struck the country between the city of Pokhara and the capital city of Kathmandu. The magnitude of the quake was rated as a 7.8. The next day, an aftershock struck the same area and was recorded as a 6.7 in magnitude. This natural disaster has left many people dead, injured, homeless, or without anything left.

The earthquake triggered an avalanche on Mount Everest, one of the most popular mountains for climbers, that left 17 people dead and hundreds stranded at the base camps who were in need of helicopter rescue. This disaster was frustrating to watch unfold for Brian Torchin on Twitter. The death toll from the earthquake is on the rise, with the Deputy Chief of Mission at Nepal’s Embassy reporting that over 5,000 are officially dead. Sushil Koirala, the Prime Minister in Nepal, said that he expects the death toll to rise to 10,000.

The devastated country is crying out for help from other countries. They are in dire need of relief aid, food, water, medical supplies, and everyday necessities. Hospitals are now overcrowded and it is feared that many children will get sick being exposed to the elements for too long without shelter.

For updates on the conditions in Nepal, check out the on-going coverage on