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Are Americans Ditching Netflix, and What Does It Mean for the Company?

A well-known name does not necessarily mean that the success behind it still exists; Netflix is currently proof of that. Chances are, you have a Netflix account, but this is part of their current problem–their sales are slowing down, and the general boom of the business has declined drastically.

During a three-month period in 2015, the company was able to retain prior customers while welcoming 900,000 new subscribers as well. However, as more people are sharing their passwords, signing up for premium options that allow a certain account to occupy multiple screens at the same time, and as families are simply cutting frivolous expenses out of their budgets, the company was only able to gain 160,000 American subscribers during the same period this year. Surely a drastic decrease that just might be foreshadowing a detrimental spiral for the once bustling business.

Analysts at the company predicted at least 700,000 new, American subscribers during the timeframe, so clearly this was quite the ominous blow. Though Netflix currently has 83 million subscribers and their expansion to a more global audience still proves promising for the company as a whole, recent numbers must not be ignored nor chalked up to a simple loss. In an official statement, a spokesperson disclosed that the decline is derivative of the misconception that prices were going to increase, so they do expect the decline to continue into the next quarter, though they are certain it will soon cease.