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Matt Landis Excels On and Off the Field for Notre Dame

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The University of Notre Dame is globally recognized as a prestigious academic university as well as a premiere research institution. For students that pursue athletics along with their education, an extra layer of challenge and complexity is added to their studies. However, this allows students who excel to truly shine. For the men’s lacrosse team, many players on the team have managed to find the perfect balance of student and athlete.
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Well before joining the ACC in 2012, the Notre Dame Men’s Lacrosse team was a club sport. In 1981, the Fighting Irish team officially became a varsity program and competed as part of the Midwest Lacrosse Association for the next 12 years. In 1994 the Fighting Irish team became a member of the Great Western Lacrosse League which was an NCAA Division I college conference. During the next 15 years, the Fighting Irish would make 11 NCAA Tournament Appearances and five NCAA Tournament Final Fours. In 2010 they became a member of the Big East men’s lacrosse conference which was a newly established NCAA Division I conference. In 2012, the men’s lacrosse team joined the ACC which is the highest level of competition for collegiate sports. In 2014, they made it to the NCAA Finals, losing to Duke in the final round.
matt landis sweater

The current roster for the Fighting Irish lacrosse team is filled with notable student athletes. As many senior level players are focusing on leading on the lacrosse field, they are also pursuing their future off the field. Seventeen players sacrificed having a fun-filled summer and headed to the corporate world instead. Using Notre Dame’s extensive corporate alumni network and career resources, these players completed internships at top companies. These internship opportunities ranged from General Electric to The Riverside Company to Morgan Stanley.

Among these notable student athletes is Matt Landis, who completed his internship at The Riverside Company. In addition to this prestigious accomplishment, Landis also works part-time while managing a full time course load with the School of Business. His 3.6 GPA within this rigorous program makes him a remarkable student in and of itself.

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As a starter for Notre Dame, Landis’ athletic schedule is 30 hours per week at a minimum dedicated to the team. He is a two-time monogram winner with Notre Dame and won the ACC Men’s Lacrosse Defensive Player of the Week in 2015.