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The real estate industry has been a dynamic one. Every year, there has been something new to expect in the real estate sector. New companies hit this industry whereby they leave important influences on it. The use of brokers in selling and renting out the house in the New York real estate industry has been a factor in determining how one is going to benefit from the market. Brokers, however, have to be established in the sense that network they use in advertising and selling the houses is the sale network that created. In any New York real estate transaction made, the agents keep 99% of the total commission. The companies with the biggest number of agents might have a say in the new York real estate arena. They benefit from the industry in a way that can be seen to be more lucrative than the property owners.

Town Residential is a NYC real estate company that has been trying bring the relevant balance between the property owner and the agent. This company is rated as being the best house selling or renting business in the city so far. It owns some of the property, and its investment is likely to edge towards the core of the city. Due to the anticipations that the prices of the houses and rental in the city might go up in the coming years, Town Residential has made plans that will keep its prices relatively lower than those of the companies in this industry.
Town residential realized the biggest growth than other real estate companies in New York after its founding by Andrew Heiberger in the year 2010. Heiberger is known for his able strategies of building residential companies to greater levels. Before his founding of Town Residential, he had also founded Citi Habitats which he managed and saw it take the position of the best real estate company in New York. The owner of Town Residential is of the idea that discounts are not to be applied in the selling of luxury properties like condos. He is also known to believe in neighborhood-based approach.