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Magic Mike XXL: An XXL Review

The shameless, energetic, and wild sequel to Magic Mike is sure to shake up some die hard fans. While the original film focused on the life of the main character, Mike, the second film Magic Mike XXL seems to focus more on the crew and how the shows are set up. The movie is set up almost like a musical with random bursts of dance routines and even singing. Unlike most musicals however the switch from acting to dancing is seamless and smooth and it rarely feels forced throughout the film.

Magic Mike XXL’s story isn’t quite as interesting as the first film. In fact the storyline is so simple that the entire film feels like it was made in order to showcase more stripping acts. The way the movie is laid out is as if the director said, “Okay let’s throw in some commentary, have everyone get along, and let’s see some stripping”. Now, this is not necessarily a bad thing because the choreography and performances have truly improved from the first film and they really showcase the “art” of stripping to the audience, which is more or less the reason most people came to see the film in the first place.

One new standout of the film was Emmy Nominated actress Crystal Hunt whose role in the film is small but played very well. Her character helps Mike get back into stripping by getting him into a show. She plays a sassy, confident, southern woman very well and I only wish her role in the film was longer. She definitely has the potential to play much bigger parts and leads in the future.

However, Cystal Hunt isn’t by any means new to the world of film as IMDB showcases. She stared in a series of commercials that included one for The Walt Disney Company’s 25th anniversary. Although you might best recognize her as Lizzie Spaulding, the troubled daughter of Philip and Beth Raines, on the CBS soap opera Guiding Light which she played from 2003 to 2006 and received an Emmy nomination for. Most recently, her Facebook fan page says she can be seen in the show Queens of Drama which aired fairly recently in 2015, she posted many cool behind the scenes pictures during filming on her Instagram.