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Pokémon Go: Far More Popular Than Anticipated

If you can bare putting your phone down and refraining from playing Pokémon Go for a brief minute, you will find out just how successful this game really is, and what it has done for Nintendo as a company. Sure, you see everyone else playing; you even hear the news stories about people getting injured in their definition of the line of duty, but when you actually learn the numbers and green this game has generated, you might find the game to be more popular than you initially anticipated.

Last Wednesday, July 13, 2016, Nintendo was worth money–that is no secret. In less than a week, though, the company has skyrocketed into further stardom, and is worth over $9 billion and counting! Since the release of Pokémon Go, Nintendo stocks have risen over 40%, with 25% being in one day alone. Clearly, the numbers speak volumes of not only the game’s reputability, but the profound gratitude and happiness expressed by the game’s creators.

Of course, Pokémon originated well before the mobile application and smart phone era, but creators have disclosed that they were well prepared for this fairly advanced time. Long have they envisioned the establishment of this game, but few words could have ever prepared them to witness such abundant numbers, positive feedback, and the overall fact that they are making a fairly dark time illuminate with their creation of an outlet for millions. As the creators prepare to launch the game in Japan on July 20, 2016, numbers are expected to nearly triple.

Pokemon Helps Nintendo

Pokemon Go game is helping Nintendo. The company’s stock price has risen an astounding 120% since early July, reports CNN Money International. The Japanese company, known for its consoles and games, is now valued at over $40 billion. That’s more than Sony, Toshiba, Canon, or Panasonic.

The augmented reality game available on smartphones has people running around cities to find a virtual Pokemon and strike it with a virtual ball. It seems amazing that so many adults are getting so silly, but they were kids when Pokemon characters ruled.

Pokemon Go is a free app and both Apple and Google reported record downloads. The money can be made on purchase of add-ons that make chasing Pokemons easier. Many game developers are making money by offering free games and then getting their addicted players pay to move forward more quickly. One example is “The Forge of Empires,” a civilization-building game with 15 million players.

Pokemon craze can brig some extra sales to Nintendo. As more people get to know the company, sales of other Nintendo games and products could increase. Yet, many wonder if this 120% increase in Nintendo’s stock price is justified based on Pokemon’s popularity alone.

It is still not clear if the augmented reality games are just a fad or the future. But, better devices, software, and games will bring more exciting games to the market.