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Kyle Bass’s International Economic Predictions is criticized by Economy Experts

Investment guru, Kyle Bass is being criticized for his strategies involving international trading and economic predictions. His investment strategies and 2008 mortgage crisis prediction made him a huge success, placing him as a top contender in the investment management industry in the United States. Bass founded the Hayman Capital Management in Dallas, Texas and earned millions of dollars managing hedge fund investments. The Bass’s fund strategy has resulted in a 30% decrease for 2014 and a 2% decrease in the 1st quarter of 2015. He has appeared on television discussing various international markets that has somewhat impaired his career and has some economy experts baffled about his predictions.

Kyle is allegedly associated with the President of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. Kirchner is accused is being a corrupt president and is criticized harshly for capitalism through colleagues and/or acquaintances, such as Kyle. Her reputation is criticized because of allegations pertaining to falsifying public statistics and harassing independent media in Argentina. Kyle upholds her capitalism tactics and supports Kirchner’s economic policies. He has broadcasted opinions about General Motor’s faulty airbags and power steering in automobiles, putting the blame on passengers.

In 2013, Bass predicted that the Japanese market would result in a debt crisis and cause yen currency to be worthless in 2015. The prediction was rejected by expert, Jesper Koll, who questioned Kyle’s strategy to form the assumption about the Japanese economy. There are four months remaining in 2015 and there is no evidence that Japan’s economy is in debt. It seems followers of Bass’s fund strategies and experts are questioning his expertise and work ethics.

Recently, Bass was denied to meet before the United States Patent Trial and Appeal Board. The pharmaceutical industry is challenging and trying to block him from capitalizing with hedge fund to drug patents. He is accused of abusing the system with perplexing patent by pharmaceutical companies in the United States. Just in July, a company filed a complaint with the patent agency to have Bass sanctioned for invalid review petitions.

Kyle could be putting his reputation on the line concerning his predictions of international economies and now, investment hedge fund strategy. Experts and followers are concerned about his predictions that proved to be fallacies. What strategy he’s using to form such predictions is yet to be known. His methods of capitalization is surely causing him to be recognized in the pharmaceutical industry as a greedy investor and hedge fund manager who has caused a company stock prices to drop by filling IPR petitions. It seems the U.S. Patent Trial and Appeals Board is taking sides with pharmaceutical companies and rejecting to review petitions filed on behalf of the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, organized by Bass.