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How Mercedes Benz is Using an Innovative Strategy to Market its Cars

Luxury carmaker Mercedes Benz, has been recording impressive sales since the turn of the year. This is despite the fact that the automobile industry has experienced a minor slump this year. The iconic German car manufacturer has set the pace as in the luxury car segment.

Since the year started, Mercedes has sold a whopping 28,528 cars, which is a company record. The number exceeds last year’s figure by more than 3.6 percent. Owing to this, Mercedes has emerged as the top brand in the luxury car division. By achieving this feat, Mercedes has managed to beat other established carmakers such as BMW, Lexus and Audi.

The Strategies

According to the Business Insider, Mercedes has slowly been coming up with different car models, which suit the specifications of motorists. Its recently-introduced S-Class Cabriolet, SLC Roadsters and SL models, have been well received in the market due to their class and comfort. They have also been marketed as the go-to luxury car models. This has endeared them to many potential buyers.

The other strategy that Mercedes has successfully used, is coming up with models that fulfill the desires of car buyers. After conducting market research, the carmaker discovered that most luxury car buyers prefer SUVs and crossovers. Basing on this, it develops models that have a ready market. This sufficiently explains why it has recorded high sales. Its lineup is by far, more superior than that of other car makers. If these record sales are anything to go buy, Mercedes is poised to take over the automobile industry in coming years.