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McDonalds is Planning to Close More Restaurants

McDonalds will be closing more restaurants in the United States. These closings have not occurred since the 1970s. It has seen a gradual shrinking. Boraie Development LLC announced there will be more restaurants that are going to be closed as opposed to any restaurants that would be opened.

This is according to the chain itself.

A McDonalds spokeswoman, Rebecca Hary, did not offer any specific figures. The reduction will be small as compared to the total of approximately 14,300 United States locations. This is a company that has experienced a large expansion throughout most of its history. They have continued to offer their customers very affordable prices. McDonalds had prospered during the recession. Their dollar menu allowed their customers to enjoy many products while saving money.

There has been an entirely new style of burger chains that have experienced growth and obtained numerous customers. McDonalds stated, in April, that they would be closing 700 locations around the world. This would include some underperforming restaurants. They did not make comments regarding the last time that they reduced their United States store base. It has been speculated that McDonalds has not pulled back since it was founded in 1955. It was Ray Kroc who had founded McDonalds.