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McDonald’s Fitness Tracker Fumbles Don’t Really Hurt Business

McDonald’s has had way more hits than misses with its marketing strategies over the years. The billions of dollars the company earned thanks to the classic McDonald’s Land campaign is proof the company’s marketing teams are able to hit home runs. The recent marketing strategy with Happy Meals, however, hasn’t been too effective.

McDonald’s placed fitness trackers inside of Happy Meals. Fitness trackers allow those wearing them to keep tabs on how many calories they burned. McDonald’s has long since been trying to overcome the image that the company is connected to healthy eating. An image change could help the corporation maintain the huge stock gains recently achieved. Unfortunately, the fitness trackers’ bands cause skin irritations. As such, they have been pulled from circulation. Consider the fitness tracker to be the Happy Meal toy that failed.

Little controversy is going to emerge from the issues with the fitness tracker. Within the small world of this particular toy gimmick, one can see how a major corporation works at effectively marketing an image. McDonald’s image suffered because the image of fast food ceased to be as positive as it once was in years past. McDonald’s board of directors absolutely realized the company was not going to thrive in the modern landscape without taking effective steps to transform its image and reduce any negative perceptions. A few management shakeups occurred as part of this process.

Things did not look to bright for McDonald’s, but the corporate giant was able to turn things around. The “healthy Happy Meal” concept was one simple marketing strategy that helped with the cause. The problems with the fitness tracker are minor. Overall, McDonald’s marketing and branding endeavors have worked out well.