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Will VR Technology Change Marketing Forever?

Virtual Reality has been a topic of discussion for years, but there has been significant progress in 2016. While there is still a lot of work to be made before it becomes an established technology, now is the best time to look at the significance of VR in business and how it will affect marketing.


What is VR?


Virtual Reality is the use of computer hardware and software to create a simulated environment. Unlike conventional user interfaces, VR immerses users and enables them to interact with 3D worlds, placing them inside the experience.


VR technology is becoming cheaper thanks to the increase in new developments and consumer interests. This is creating a massive demand in the marketplace as well as brands that want to try out the technology.


Why is VR Very Effective?


Those with little or no experience of VR will probably wonder what all the fuss is all about. Here’s how VR is effective:


1) Immersive – A more visually and engaging technology is more immersive than television, social media, and mobile devices. The immersive nature of VR creates the possibility of consumers returning to your content to check out on any details they missed the first time.


2) Novelty – VR is the newest technology. It is cool and is something that has never been seen before. This already creates an attraction in the marketplace.


3) Story-basedVirtual Reality is typically rooted in storytelling. It is so natural that when a new technology emerges, it affects how stories are shared or told. You have the formula for success if you have VR as a visual medium for storytelling.


How Virtual Reality Is Being Used


The VR technology has a huge potential in marketing. Here are some of the uses of this technology:


  1. a) Customer Education – Involving consumers in a certain topic is surely one of the best ways to teach them. For instance, giving consumers a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on during the production process gives them a connection to the brand.


  1. b) Amazing experiences – You can instantly transport your clients to any scene in the world, thanks to Virtual Reality. Marriot International recently partnered with Relevant and Framestore VR Studio to take customers on virtual tours of vacation destinations like London and Hawaii. The technique was a huge success.


VR technology gives marketers endless, exciting and promising advancements in the marketing industry. It is a powerful technique of revolutionizing the way marketers engage with consumers, which will create a lasting effect on many businesses.



Marketing Bikinis On LinkedIn: The Genius Of Candace Galek

Candace Galek, CEO of Bikini Luxe, took a small online retail business that she operated off her small dining room to a major player in the swimsuit industry with innovative marketing techniques, which she attributes to her need to market her startup on a budget. Utilizing influencer marketing, Galek worked with her “super fans” as she calls them to promote her brand and increase consumer engagement.


However, Bikini Luxe’s success can be attributed to Galek’s social media marketing on LinkedIn. While not the social media platform that comes to mind for a bikini startup, galek used LinkedIn to show a woman’s derriere in a bikini bottom while asking fellow LinkedIn users if it was appropriate. The support and outrage got Galek noticed, which was her goal; her account was even taken down temporarily, before being reinstated.


As a model from sunny Miami, Florida, Galek was used to photoshoots clad in swimwear, nevertheless, she decided that she would rather sell bikinis, rather than model them. Even at a young age, Galek knew she would be an entrepreneur, at and age 29, she’s made her dream come true. With over 500,000 followers on multiple social media channels, including Pinterest, Galek is considered a savvy marketer as well, so much so that she been featured in Forbes and asked to write for Inc. Magazine. Her goal is to build Bikini Luxe into the largest resortwear and designer swimwear brand in the world, and with her impressive marketing skills, she just may do so.


Reasons Why Online Interaction Platforms Are Dropping The “Social” Tag

About four years ago, many marketing agencies developed because of the explosion of social media. However, the same marketing companies did not want to be identified as purely “social” practitioners and said that they had grown beyond that. Recently, social media platforms have adopted a similar mindset. Several social networking sites are shrugging off the “social” tag. Snapchat recently announced that it is now a “camera company” because of the introduction of its video-recording sunglasses called Spectacles. During press meetings, the California-based company has tried to drop the tag when making its announcements.


Twitter has also tried to distant itself from the idea that it is a social site company. At the Advertising Week, Adam Bain mentioned that his firm had moved its mobile app listing from the social section to the news category in Apple’s App Store. He added that his team witnessed increased downloads of the app almost immediately.


Similar sentiments were echoed by Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer during a press conference in September. Sheryl Sandberg said that it had been long since the company was branded a social network site. There are certainly commercial reasons why most companies are suddenly joining the anti-social wagon. Scott Linzer of Organic Media stated that most of the social companies are working to diversify their portfolio and offer more in the spirit of innovation. Linzer continued by saying that Organic Media was trying to educate brands on how social media has continually collaborated in most forms of communications.


It is hard for an upcoming social media company to brand itself social after observing what has recently happened to Twitter. David Deal said that every enterprise that describes itself as social will always operate under the shadow of Facebook. Nick Cicero, CEO of Snapchat, stated that social media and social networks had undergone an evolution. Cicero added that the companies had to define themselves in a different way because of the evolution. Moreover, the Chief Marketing Officer of Ello said that his firm is not a social media company. He stated that they are a brand that puts creators first.

Will the Marketing Trends of 2016 Dominate 2017?

Recently, Forbes published a list of the five most dominant marketing trends of 2016. The author argued that the trends are likely to dominate for a while. These trends were apps marketing, personalization, automation, acceptance of new kinds of purchase decisions, and strategic diversification. Most marketers believe that the use of apps effective. Marketers must know that most people are on the go, and have their smartphones with them. Expect integrated apps on smartphones to shape the marketing frenzy come 2017.


To keep up with the changing customer needs and decisions, app streaming and customer interaction on social and mainstream media will require marketers to up their game. Expect automation and a lot of strategic diversification to come into play. Expect more marketers to respond to the current dynamics more strongly with more interactive media and target-oriented marketing campaigns. Expect marketers to deliver their campaigns at your doorstep.


Personalization in online and business marketing is incontestable. Application of content marketing and its integration with customer lifestyle will continue. Customers are feeling more and more unique by the day. They want a service specifically made for them. They do not want to fit into the product; they want a product that matches their desires. Expect personalization to get even more prominent among marketers.


These marketing trends dominated because they served their purpose well in a time when online marketing continued to evolve faster and faster. My pick for 2017 is that personalized app streaming, stronger content and personal-based approach will separate the winners from the rest of the pack.


Potential Expansions for Online Marketing

Marketing your business online has become a necessity for all businesses, regardless of what industry you operate in. While it has become commonplace for businesses to use marketing ads on popular websites and social media, online marketing is poised for significant changes in years to come. A recent article online ( has identified several ways that the online marketing industry could change considerably in years to come through various marketing platforms.

One way that online marketing will change is through augmented reality programs. Augmented reality applications were given a major boost this summer with the massive popularity of the Pokémon Go application. Augmented reality will likely continue to grow in the future and will allow for businesses to place marketing ads in the augmented reality universe.

Similar to augmented reality; virtual reality universes also pose significant potential for online marketing. The virtual reality worlds established will likely gain the majority of its revenue from advertisements placed strategically in the world. While this technology is still growing, it will likely have a major presence in the next few years.

The third platform that will have a major impact on the online marketing industry is machine-learning algorithms. Machine learning algorithms are vey intelligent algorithms that will personalize advertisements to each user. These are already used on Google, Yahoo, and other major search engines, but the use is only going to continue to grow in the future as they become more intelligent. These will also likely become more predictive and will have a greater impact on new products and services that a consumer will buy.

While personal assistants have typically been reserved for the wealth and senior executives, virtual assistants are gaining more and more popularity. Virtual assistants will be used to keep track of your calendar, give you notifications of errands, help you with daily tasks, and even provide you with suggestions for purchases. In the coming years, businesses will be able to market and advertise through these virtual assistants, which will give businesses to provide suggestions directly to the consumer.

Nobody Loves Whole Foods Market–Except Everybody

Being a central location to purchase natural and organic food for decades has helped establish Whole Foods Market as a formidable competitor in the area of all-encompassing supermarkets. With that brand has come the inevitable criticisms of higher prices or catering to a select market.

However, the fact is that each time a new Whole Foods opens up, the surge of excitement at its opening is able to be sustained. That leads to profits, with margins that are much higher than those whose revenues may dwarf the company.

That level of success has led Whole Foods to offer a new spinoff supermarket concept known simply as 365 by Whole Foods Market. The idea behind it seeks to grab hold of the elusive millennial market, emphasizing technology-based ways to purchase items and offering new takes on the dreaded prospect of waiting in line.

Of course, that market was likely already attracted to Whole Food’s nature-friendly approach to making sales. The standard openings still resonate with all audiences, further increasing the more than 1,200 stores that make up the company.

Despite the clamor, Whole Foods has been struggling when it comes to the stock market. For whatever reason, the company’s brand hasn’t been good enough to offset a stock price drop of over 50 percent from its previous high.

However, much like music and entertainment that isn’t always universally loved, Whole Foods Market still has the cache to look ahead with excitement toward the future, with profts that continue to roll in.

Increasing Profits With Video Marketing

Distractions are everywhere. In this day and age, it’s hard to really focus on anything for too long. It’s true for most people. How does that affect the world we live in?

First off it forces creativity. But what do you do? That’s always going to be the question, and it will always be equal parts exciting and frustrating to answer. Can you imagine what it’s like for businesses? Staying ahead of the curve with marketing has to be a constant struggle. What to do, what to do?

A new idea being used is video marketing. Not just links to videos, nope. These videos are right there in the email proper. It’s a brilliant move. If the video starts, of course you are going to look at it. Talk about being creative, if the company puts out a great product, they will see profits soar in no time flat.

Studies have actually been done on how successful video marketing can be. Does a 40% increase in sales sound good? There’s not a company in existence that would turn their back that increase in profit. Alright, we have an idea of what to do. That’s great, but now where do we go to get it done?

One company, Talk Fusion, performs this service. They want their clients to be successful, no matter how big or small they are. They offer both video emails and video newsletters. With many templates to choose from, a company can make their email presentation pop. The same goes with their newsletters, but now more information can be presented. Talk about creativity. This is creativity at it’s best.

Hiring Wikipedia Writers to Make a Business Page Is A Must For Promotions And Branding

A Wikipedia page has tremendous marketing value to a business. Although the marketing value is indirect, the value exists nonetheless. Anyone hoping to effectively establish a business’ name in the market has to explore all promotional avenues. Wikipedia is one very good avenue.

Businesses have to be everywhere. This is a curious statement and it makes a lot more sense once the meaning is broken down a bit. Businesses are not required to provide services everywhere, but the name of the business should be visible in as many places as possible. This is how businesses are branded. The internet has the greatest potential for reaching the greatest audience. Yet, business owners do not expand the presence of their enterprises to every promotional avenue on the internet. Creating a Wikipedia page may be skipped because “Wiki isn’t for marketing”. What an erroneous belief! 

A Wikipedia page that reveals information about a business ends up being a good resource for any hoping to learn about it. Not all online tools to promote a business are required to publish marketing-oriented copywriting. A host of sites simply present facts and info. Wikipedia does the same thing and can do so in a very detailed way. After all, the page is going to be an online encyclopedia entry and, as long as the text doesn’t meander or include personal recollections, the material should end up supporting an online marketing campaign.

The search engines are kind to Wikipedia. Unlike other commercial self-publishing sites, Wikipedia’s high editorial standards and rules against spam ensure the integrity of the content is maintained. The search engines end up placing entries from Wikipedia high in the results. A high positioning in Google, Bing, and elsewhere means a lot of traffic will see its pages. The promotional impact of this is going to be a good one.

The process of actually creating the page should be turned over to the professionals by hiring Wikipedia writers. This way, the content stays within the framework of Wikipedia’s rules and is solid enough that readers end up liking it. Get Your Wiki is a Wikipedia writing service capable of handling all writing tasks. Editing and monitoring work may be requested as well. With Get Your Wiki on the job, a business owner can feel confident a Wikipedia page is going to help his/her business immensely.

White Shark Media Agency Solutions

White Shark Media is an online marketing agent that provides advertising solutions to firms. The company boasts of outstanding reputation in growing costs effective marketing campaigns and offers first class services to their clients. The company has been nominated in several awards and has won some of them outshining some of the giant companies in the industry. However, despite these achievements, the company has had its own share of complaints from the customers. It takes great efforts to build a firm with minimal complaints from the customers and at White Shark Media agency; we are determined to achieve that. Therefore, we have taken up all the complaints from our clients and acted constructively and positively in addressing them.
Loss if AdWords campaigns
Our previous procedures allowed minimal freedom for small-sized business owners to review our reports. This prevented them from knowing what is going on in AdWords campaigns. In response, the company ensures that all the customers get adequate knowledge on the ins and outs of all their AdWords campaigns. Once the customers are aware of their campaigns before they start, it will be easier for them to visualize their next cause of action and analyzing the performance of a particular ad or keyword.
Inadequate communication
Adequate communication is a key task in any consultancy agency and so it is in White Shark Media Agency. Good communication is synonymous with provision of meaningful services to the clients. Earlier on, some of our clients felt that our communication was not up to standards, as one has to pass through a long queue of receptionists to pass their message. In response, we have set up a scheduled monthly status calls coupled with GoTomeeting. GoTomeeting allows us to share same screen as our clients while viewing AdWords account and report as the clients contributes their insights about it. In addition, every month the SEM strategists together with the clients in question go through the reports and identify areas that require extra efforts. The new solutions has proven effective and we have received numerous praises from both new and old clients alike.
Besides the GoTomeeting and monthly report review, we have set up new phone systems, which have direct extensions to improve communication with the clients. The new system allows the clients to call their contact personnel directly without going through a receptionist. The clients are required to sign up with the system and thereafter we send them an email with full details of their contact personnel.

Advertising to Children is Illegal in Brazil

Conanda passed a resolution in 2014 through its legal power, prohibiting advertisements targeting children in Brazil. This resulted to a milestone shift in Brazil in regard to marketing to children. Consequently, the Official Federal Gazette of Brazil published the Conanda Resolution 163, which henceforth considered all advertising targeting children as abusive. The particular resolution stated that the act of advertising and marketing to children in Brazil with the ultimate intention of influencing them to use any service or product was henceforth abusive. It is illegal according to the Consumer Defense Code.

Conanda is an agency in the Brazil’s Department of Human Rights. According to the agency, child advertising contravenes what is stipulated in Statute of Children and Adolescents, the Federal Constitution and the Brazil’s Consumer Defense Code. The move was widely termed as a historical moment and a new paradigm for protecting and promoting children’s and adolescent’s rights in Brazil. The Conanda resolution lists the following as characterizing the breach. The prohibited marketing methods are: print ads, commercials, television, banners and sites, radio sports, merchandising, packaging, actions on shows, promotions and point-of-sale presentations targeting children. Advertising and marketing in nurseries, day care centers and elementary schools are therefore illegal. The ban includes advertising of school uniforms as well as classroom material.

One of the firms that have sufficiently complied with this resolution is the Heads Propaganda. The premier advertising firm was founded in the year 1989 by Claudio Loureiro Heads. The Heads Propaganda honcho holds a bachelor’s degree in Law from the PUC-PR. He later specialized in Communication and Relations in Boston University. He studied Direct Marketing Association in Georgia University, Atlanta, USA. He has served in the management of high-yield advertising firms in the Brazil and he is a member of the prestigious Brazilian chapter of the Young Presidents’ Organization. In addition to his advertising career, he has investments interests in some major Brazil companies. He also invests in cultural ventures.

He was the coordinator and event director of the Woody Allen visit to Brazil. Allen was visiting Brazil in order to film a movie in Rio de Janeiro. Heads is presently a partner of A Night with Janis Joplin Show on Broadway, in the US. In 2014, when commemorating the 25th anniversary of the firm, he brought Kofi Annan to Brazil. Kofi Annan is the former secretary general of the United Nations and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.