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Will the Marketing Trends of 2016 Dominate 2017?

Recently, Forbes published a list of the five most dominant marketing trends of 2016. The author argued that the trends are likely to dominate for a while. These trends were apps marketing, personalization, automation, acceptance of new kinds of purchase decisions, and strategic diversification. Most marketers believe that the use of apps effective. Marketers must know that most people are on the go, and have their smartphones with them. Expect integrated apps on smartphones to shape the marketing frenzy come 2017.


To keep up with the changing customer needs and decisions, app streaming and customer interaction on social and mainstream media will require marketers to up their game. Expect automation and a lot of strategic diversification to come into play. Expect more marketers to respond to the current dynamics more strongly with more interactive media and target-oriented marketing campaigns. Expect marketers to deliver their campaigns at your doorstep.


Personalization in online and business marketing is incontestable. Application of content marketing and its integration with customer lifestyle will continue. Customers are feeling more and more unique by the day. They want a service specifically made for them. They do not want to fit into the product; they want a product that matches their desires. Expect personalization to get even more prominent among marketers.


These marketing trends dominated because they served their purpose well in a time when online marketing continued to evolve faster and faster. My pick for 2017 is that personalized app streaming, stronger content and personal-based approach will separate the winners from the rest of the pack.