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HyperLoop One Begins Manufacturing Process in Las Vegas

The Hyperloop concept of being able to travel hundreds of miles in a matter of minutes is still in its earliest stages. However, the leader in this burgeoning industry, has announced the next stage of development with the news that Hyperloop One opened its first manufacturing plant in the North Las Vegas area.

The Hyperloop movement began a few years ago, when entrepreneur Elon Musk developed a rudimentary idea about what he believed the future of travel should be for both people and products. Musk, who chose not to take part in any subsequent development, looked at how tubes filled with people inside pods would be able to travel anywhere from 600 to 750 miles per hour.

The building where Hyperloop One Metalworks will conduct business is 105,000 square feet in size. Currently, there are 170 employees that make up the workforce, with most of them either machinists, welders or engineers.

Undertaking their first task means putting together everything needed for the prototype that will be tested next year. The DevLoop will seek to make travel within a pod possible, with the increased speed potentially possible because of minimal air resistance and friction on the tracks between cities.

Of course, building those tracks requires political dealings, with the ultimate issue being the overall cost involved. One issue that will ultimately need to be addressed is the inability of the Hyperloop One to make turns. Should this idea succeed, traveling from San Francisco to Los Angeles may only take 30 minutes.