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Young Entrepreneur Billy McFarland is CEO and Founder of Magnises

Billy McFarland has become a wildly successful entrepreneur in the NYC area with the announcement of the Magnises black card, which provides Magnises members an incredible way to stay connected. Billy founded the elite social club in 2013 and followed it with the black card in 2015.

The Magnises Club is presently only in NYC and DC, but this exciting social club will soon be expanding to other major cities across the U.S., and McFarland has plans to take it internationally after that. This engaging and rapidly growing club now has over 13,000 members that live passionate lifestyles using Magnises as their center.

A Young Entrepreneur

Billy was 23 when he first introduced Magnises to NYC, and it attracted those with a jet set lifestyle between the ages of 23 and 45. Approximately 80 percent fell into the millennial ages, which typically fall between age 23-33.

These individuals in this age group are established in their careers and appreciate a lifestyle that leads to fantastic restaurants, exclusive entertainment opportunities including first row seating to concerts and sporting events.

They are on the go, and since Billy is a part of this generation, he relates to the high-quality experiences that they are looking for.

Billy McFarland Begins His Career Early

According to Forbes, Billy McFarland began his career at 9 years old when he released an online company that connected the clients to the designers they needed.

Then, when he was a freshman at Rudtgers University, he founded Spling. Billy left college, and as CEO of Spling, he transformed client’s URLs to graphics so that they could post online. Some of his top clients where Discovery and Universal, and he continues to manage Spling today.

Billy has been a creative entrepreneur since nine and has used this ability in all areas. Spling is a made-up name, and you won’t find Magnises in the dictionary either because he made up that name too. He loves getting that wrapped up in his work.

This is one reason why Billy has never held a “normal” job and never will; he has spent his time creating new enterprises.