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Freedom and Its Price

Yeonmi Park is a young North Korean woman who wrote about her escape from her home land. She is a human rights activist and an author. Defecting from North Korea to China in 2007, she writes about her incredible journey. With such detail and emotion, her journey becomes your journey as you read this unimaginable story. Her book was published on September 29, 2015.

Born on October 4 1993 in North Korea, Parks came from a well connected family. Her father was a civil servant and her mother was a nurse for the North Korean army. She also had an older sister. When the economy collapsed in the 1990’s, her father was caught smuggling on the black market. Sentenced to work in a labor camp, her family was cast out of their former life style. With no work and no food, the decision was made to try to defect. When her father was released, the date was set. Her older sister left before the rest of the family and they lost touch with her. Her father became sick and stayed behind, but would follow when he was healthy enough to make the journey. With help from human traffickers, Park and her mother made it to China. Here they were forced into the trade that had helped them escape. After two years, Park and her mother made it to Mongolia. They were later reunited with her older sister. Then they were aloud to travel to South Korea where they still live. Her father did recover enough to make the trip to China, but was diagnosed with colon cancer and died in China.

The story isn’t a pretty story. It is a story that needs to be told. This amazing young woman tells her story in a riveting fashion and makes your heart leap and yell in victory for the chance they took to be free.