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Ricardo Tosto, The Advocate To Big Corporates And Government Officials

In a developing country like Brazil, where newer companies are always making their way into the market, the need for good corporate lawyers has never been this prevalent. Big and small businesses alike understand the importance of good corporate lawyer and are always on the lookout for the same.

Ricardo Tosto is a lawyer from Brazil who has come to the rescue of numerous different companies and businesses in the country. He is known to be one of the top corporate lawyers in the country, whose skills are revered across the sector. He is extremely well versed in corporate law and can fulfill all the needs that one might have a lawyer of his kind. He has an incredible amount of knowledge in the field, which is what has helped him rise to the top and stand among some of the best.

Ricardo Tosto is a classic example of what one can achieve through hard work and determination. He wasn’t born with a silver spoon, which is why he always had to work immensely hard to get to where he is today. He worked his way up the corporate rungs to make it to the big leagues. He has become an icon of what a good corporate lawyer should be.

In addition to his knowledge, it is also the incredible skill which he possesses which has made him as good as he is. He is brilliant at financial analysis and can understand perfectly what a company needs when they are in a tough situation.

In addition to corporates, Ricardo Tosto has also offered his services to a large number of government officials in the country. He has also helped several government organizations, which were in need of legal help. He is one of the most sought after corporate lawyers in the field, which is why even people in higher up positions in the government turn to him for help to learn more:

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Besides being focused on his work, Ricardo Tosto also believes in contributing to the poor members of the society. He regularly donates to organizations that are trying to improve the community and help people.

Passion for the Issues

Thor Halvorssen is a dedicated activist, with tireless energy and desire when fighting for what is right. He founded the Human Rights Foundation, an organization whose mission is to shed light on injustices around the world. Halvorssen comes from a legacy of political rebels. Both of his parents gave their lives standing up against tyranny. Many other members of his family suffered greatly in the name of civil rights. He shows no signs of slowing down, as his organization has gained notoriety worldwide for championing highly controversial causes.

Thor Halvorsesen is of Norwegian and Venezuelan heritage. His father died after being tortured in a Venezuelan prison. His crime was exposing the corruption that existed in the government while working as a highly ranked drug official. His mother also gave her life standing up for a cause that she believed in. She was gunned down during a protest of the governing regime of that time.

Halvorssen continues to shed a light on corruption and social injustices. His goal is to support those who are willing to stand up against authoritarian oppressors. He prides himself on being a troublemaker within the establishment. A willingness to speak out sets an example for those who live in fear of expressing their true beliefs. Having a leader who is not afraid of the attention that comes with such actions inspires many others to speak out about their conditions. It is this inspiration that motivates Halvorssen and his followers. His message continues to spread, as support for the Human Rights Foundation grows worldwide.

Cone Marshall Defends New Zealand Policy on Tax


Cone Marshall Limited is a privately held New Zealand law firm. The company has employed over 50 employees with the highest number being attorneys. The lawyers in this firm have specialized in trust and trustee services. The firm has worked with families across the globe and has acted as their legal advisors. The firm assists its clients by establishing trusts, partnerships, and companies. It also provides wealth planning services to its customers. Additionally, the company goes ahead to offer its services to lawyers, banks, and institutions based outside New Zealand with the aim of helping them advise and serve their clients better. Due to the exchange of information, the firm has come up with several strategies that ensure confidentiality is maintained and protected by lawyer-client privilege.


Karen Marshall works for Cone Marshall Limited as a principle Executive. She went to University of Otago, New Zealand and graduated with an undergraduate degree in law. She has 10 years of experience in commercial litigation acquired from a London based Law firm. It was until the year 2005 when she landed a job at cone Marshall limited. A year later, she was promoted and given the role of Principal Executive. She has acted as an advisor to two statutory trustee companies. She has also represented and advised Trustees on claims from beneficiaries. Besides advising, she has experience in trust management practices. At cone Marshall, she acts as an advisor. However, her roles have been extended to that of acting Director of a Trust Company.


In the year 2012, an article was posted on social media with the intention of evoking the notion that New Zealand was a tax haven country. Mr. Cone addressed the issue by saying that the nation was among the chartered members of the Gold Standard for Transparency. The Gold Standard Transparency is a group of countries that ensures the flow of information between countries and authorities is achieved in matters regarding Tax. He also said that the increase and growth of foreign trusts in New Zealand were as a result of the favorable environment provided by the government. The judiciary and its specialized structure created a positive reputation for the country. Consequently, individual’s felts safer placing their assets in New Zealand.


He also highlighted that New Zealand had several international agreements meant to foster international trade. The agreements were also a way of curbing fraud cases. Additionally, it has signed transparency agreements with over 20 nations. These agreements allow for the exchange of tax information upon request.


He further insisted that New Zealand trusts were solely for asset protection.

Legal Assistance In Brazil

Legal dilemmas can lead to very serious consequences, and this is certainly true in Brazil. You also cannot do a good job of defending your case in court without a lawyer. Luckily, there are many lawyers to choose from in Brazil. However, it is important to do your research into lawyers you are considering hiring. There are some lawyers out there that you would not want to hire, but there are also numerous good ones.

Finding a good lawyer requires a bit of time and effort. However, it is something that you can readily do. The first thing to keep in mind is that you need to do as much background research on the lawyer(s) you are considering hiring. One key aspect to it is doing research into their reviews on the internet. Look to hire those that get good reviews. Also, it’s a good idea to take a look at their website. Make sure that it looks professionally done, and find out where they went to law school and where they were licensed. Do your background research into this education. Most importantly, it is important to be sure that the credentials appear to be genuine. In addition to the credentials, check their facebook and/or other social media profiles. These accounts can often reveal a great deal about a person. Also, it is very important to have a free consultation. Don’t hire a lawyer without your free consultation. You can use your impressions of the lawyer to determine if this person is someone you would like to hire.

One lawyer that has very exceptional skill is Ricardo Tosto. According to some, he is considered the best lawyer in Brazil. It typically carries a sizable price tag to get his services. However, his exemplary services are well worth the extra cost. When he walks into the courtroom, he is typically immediately recognized. His image will definitely help to bolster your case in the courtroom.

Ricardo Tosto specializes in law related to business and finance. He is an expert in all areas related to corporate law, personal finance law, and laws related to investing. He also has a very strong knowledge of laws in countries other than Brazil. This means that he would be an excellent lawyer for a business that operates in other countries.

There are numerous good lawyers located in Brazil. It’s also quite easy to find them if you know how to do your research. Ricardo Tosto is not only a great lawyer, but he is among the best of the best.

Brazilian Lawyers and the Rule of Law

Lawyers in Brazil are encompassed in an association known as the Brazilian Bar Association or OAB, which was founded in 1930. The function of the association is basically to implement and regulate the legal profession in Brazil. Currently, it has a total of 847,921 lawyers as of 2013 and has its head offices in Brasilia, Federal District. It plays the role of vetting in of individuals graduating from law school and certifies them to publicly practice law. Before the Bar approves a lawyer, they have to indulge in mandatory 2-year training, followed by an examination offered both in written and oral form. On approval, they can then take the oaths and register for the organ class. Brazilian law is more or less a derivative of the Portuguese law, an influence of the colonial period and is based on statutes and stare decisis. Brazil is renowned worldwide for regulating their lawyers at a national level.

Brazil is endowed with several law schools making it a destination for law students wishing to pursue legal profession. It has seen the rise of serious corporate lawyers and powerful law firms operating worldwide. The lawyers fall into different categories such as immigration, corporate, environmental, accident and individual/family lawyers. These lawyers may have their own law firms; work as an individual or in partnerships in pursuit of related goals. Leite Tosto e Barros is a famous Brazilian law firm that specializes in business law and legal support for companies. It also takes part in conflict resolution, arbitration, and judicial proceedings. It has its headquarters in Sao Paulo and has employed several native lawyers.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a Brazilian lawyer who mainly deals in civil and commercial litigation and credit recovery. His other talents are in corporate restructuring, international law, and electoral law. Mr. Ricardo is the co-founder of Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados a world class private law firm. He has 20 years of experience practicing law. He is also a member of the Brazilian Bar Association. He started small in an office as a legal consultant but later established his own law firm. He defended powerful individuals, companies, and even government officials and soon he was famous all over the country. He worked hard and professionally despite controversies and tantrums to implement law in Brazil in matters contributing to economic development.

Currently, Brazil has a total of over 800 thousand lawyers registered with the OAB. The OAB has a code of conduct and discipline that regulates the lawyers as they litigate the law. This falls under the ethics sector and is to be applied to all lawyers to ensure fair administration of justice. The superior law of Brazil lies in the federal constitution that is like a manual to all legal officers. It can only be changed through amendment.