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David Giertz: Financial Advisor Tycoon

Do you know about the wonderful and talented David Giertz? He is an American financial advisor for the National Investment Services Corporation. In an interview, David Giertz was a little concerned about people not knowing about their social security situation. Advisors need to speak to their clients about social security. According to a survey from the Nationwide Financial Investment Institute, advisors are not talking to their clients about social security.

It is very important for advisors to talk about social security to their clients because that is their proper responsibility. About 4 out 5 clients will change and move on if advisor does not talk about social security or anything that is in the social security handbook which includes 2700 rules on If client turns on social security too early, they can lose up to $300,000 over 25 years. It is very important for a client to optimize their retirement income.

Now on to David Giertz, he is a veteran financial advisor and has been working mostly for Nationwide Investment Services Corporation which is located in Dublin, Ohio. Giertz has way over 31 years of experience as a financial advisor and he has passed 4 exams. In 2013, he became President of distribution and sales of Nationwide Financial Distributors. David Giertz is registered with F.I.N.R.A. as a broker. As a broker, Giertz has to deal with buying and selling securities such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other related transactions. As a financial advisor, Giertz has to register with each state where he will do business. Some of these states in which Giertz has and active registration is Nevada, Washington, Texas and Oregon.

Giertz is a little worried for people and how they use their social security. He keeps expressing and telling people that many clients who are approaching retirement or already retired have huge misconceptions about social security at The aftermath of not knowing the proper knowledge can lead to either unexpected taxes for retirees or have less income. Griertz uses a lot of his time and is definitely passionate about telling his clients to create a retirement income plan which includes having the most out of your social security benefits.

The Career of Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten has become on of the smartest minds in the investment banking industry and has been helping clients for decades. The economy has been recovering at an outstanding rate, and is now the time that millions of people who are looking to the future.

Retirement has seemed like a dream during the great recession, and some of the key investments that have made the dream a reality. For Americans that want to retire in a comfortable position should start making moves now. Retirement is an important goal, however people need help in achieving this.

Investors need to have smart investing bankers to be on their side, so that they can get on top, and this is where Lustgarten comes in. Martin Lustgarten has been a citizen of Venezuela and Austria, and has leveraged citizenship for helping clients for decades. He has been a huge believer for international investments.He has spread his wealth through several countries, and this has allowed him to limit the risk while ensuring that he has benefits from local growth. Martin has the knowledge of how to keep a close eye on every market, and because of this he can quickly act when a market is getting ready to make a downturn. He has the ability for watching the market in order to stay up to date with the oncoming trends in the market, and allows him to give the best results to his clients.


Martin has been the ideal role model for many investors. He has worked incredibly hard in order to get the best possible investments, and he has also leveraged his intelligence in order to spot trends before they have started.

As a hardworking and smart investor, it allows Martin in growing his wealth quickly. It is said that other investors ought to follow the moves that have been laid out by Martin and use them as a model in their own investment options. It is important to keep a diverse global portfolio in expanding wealth. Martin wants to be the success and following his incredible portfolio for other individuals in their success.


George Soros’ Advice on How to Dodge a Financial Crisis

One of the pillars that hold a country together is the economy of the particular country. One of the primary factors that determine the strength of a country’s economy is the financial sector of that country. This includes the securities exchange market and the strength of the currency of that country. Most of the unfortunate crashes that have plagued the world including the 2008 financial crash and the 1927 great depression happened due to the collapse of the financial sector of the United States. To avoid global financial meltdown there are certain parameters that are essential for national governments to undertake to save global economy.

At an Economic Forum organized for investors in Colombo investment magnate George Soros discusses the global economy and further states that currently financial markets around the world would likely collapse if nothing is done by all the stakeholders in the financial sector. The relevant players would be the governments especially the executive and parliament to come up with fiscal policies and tighter regulatory laws in financial institutions on like banks and hedge funds to control the loans and other high risk financial products that they roll out to customers and risky investments done by hedge funds like in the real estate market and control mortgage loans. The successful investor, George Soros notes that if corrective mechanisms aren’t taken up then the global financial economies are likely to collapse leading to devastating consequences similar to those of 2008.

George Soros further observed that the current global markets are characterized by the poor performance of countries with large economies like China which had threatened devaluation. The stock markets of most countries are at a bear market which essentially means that stock prices have fallen down. If the financial sector of big economies like US and China perform badly, then it negatively affects their neighboring countries in the West and Asia. Therefore it is necessary for people to listen to what George Soros is warning people about especially investors and banking institutions. Just like Michael Burry warned the financial institutions of the 2008 crash that the US economy to its knees, Soros is doing the same and it is important that we do not make the same mistakes we have made in the past.

George Soros is one of the most successful investors and top 30 richest people in the world. He is also the chairman of Soros Fund Management on Forbes and has authored several bestselling books. He is also the chairman of a philanthropic organization called the Open Society which inter alia, carries out philanthropic activities around the world and advocates for the respect of the Bill of Rights and open governance for effective governance of the people.

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Investing In Gold Can Be A Very Smart Decision

When people are first starting out making investments they might feel a bit confused by all that is offered to them. They might wonder what they should be investing in, and what will last them. Well, if so, then they are going to want to consider gold for a moment. Gold is like nothing else out there, and when one invests in it they will be making a wise investment. Gold is something that is going to last for a long time to come, and it is something that will make the investor feel great about themselves. Gold is a valuable, precious item, and it is something that can help to make someone rich if they do what is right when investing in it.
The US Money Reserve helps people to make good investments in gold by delivering great customer service and great knowledge. Those who go to the US Money Reserve to invest in gold know that they are getting a good deal. They know that the company is doing what is best for them, and that leaves them feeling great about the investments that they are making. Gold is so special, and so important, and no one realizes that better than the US Money Reserve. That is what makes the company the perfect candidate for helping those who are wanting to invest in gold.
Making investments can be tricky and confusing at times, but they don’t have to be that way. When someone chooses to invest in something simple and valuable like gold they will be able to feel confident in themselves. They will not have to feel in the least bit confused about what they are doing because they can know that the gold that they are investing in is not going to lose its value, and that they will one day be happy that they have done this.

Best Investment Advice from the Experts

Everyone loves to tell you about the winners in their lives. How they won $100 on a $2 bet on a long-shot horse at the track. Or the $1,000 lottery ticket they bought at the grocery store. What they don’t mention, of course, is that they were still down $350 at the track, and they’d spent close to $2,000 in losing lottery tickets over the past year.
Investment stories and advice too often come in the same format. Joe’s barber told Bill to buy Microsoft at $10. He did, but then he sold at $20. If Bill had held on for the long run, he could have retired early.
The best investment advice doesn’t come from hot tips or rumors or someone who claims to have a secret formula for pickling investment winners.
When trying to quantify the best investment advice, why not go to proven investment winners and hear what they have to say?
Six of the most successful financial investors of all time are listed below with some their snippets of sound investing advice.
Sir John Templeman: “If you buy the same securities everyone else is buying, you will have the same results as everyone else.”
Warren Buffett: “Whether socks or stocks, I like buying quality merchandise when it is marked down.”
Nathan Mayer Rothschild: “Information is money.”
Peter Lynch: “Buy what you know. Everyone has the brainpower to follow the stock market. If you made it through fifth grade math, you can do it.”
John Maynard Keynes: “Invest, don’t speculate.”
Thomas Rowe Price Jr.: Invest in growth stocks for the long run.”
Two common themes run through these words of wisdom: have knowledge and buy for the long run.
Most competent investment firms today preach those principles to their clients.
Madison Street Capital, a Chicago based international investing banking firm, is one such company that prides itself in delivering integrity, excellence, and leadership in providing financial advice to their clients.
The experienced professionals at Madison Street Capital advise clients through each phase of the investment process from buying through selling while striving to maximize the customer’s investment results. Long range investing in well-know, financially sound businesses and financial instruments is always at the forefront of their investment strategies. The firm specializes in providing their clients with valuations on the business structure, goodwill value, and intangible assets of potential investment options utilizing Madison’s fairness and solvency opinion services.

Why Now May Be the Best Time to Invest In Gold


For the past few months, the media has been on a tear regarding investing in gold. Pundits and naysayers alike are constantly disregarding gold plays, actually indicating that gold is not a commodity worth looking into.
Nothing could be further from the truth. When you take several factors into consideration, most experts realize that now is an opportune time to purchase gold. A bear rally is expected in the next few months, a rally that may very well take gold up anywhere from 10% to 30% in value according to precious metal experts. This amount is substantial when compared to the rate of return for other investments in the market.

But with the outcry against gold, now is the perfect time to consider buying the metal. In fact, there is so much of an outcry against gold, the market in general is basically betting against it. If smart investors know anything, is when people start to rally against gold, it’s usually the perfect time to begin to purchase it.

Experts believe that gold selling in the next few months will start to decline, and even at this moment seller exhaustion is beginning to appear in the market. While there has been a great deal of movement, many commodity experts do not believe the selling trend will continue much longer. When that selling trend slows down, and the bear market begins, those who wisely invested in gold will begin to see substantial gains for their smart play.

Gold experts believe that over the next two quarters gold will rally because of a decline in bearishness in the general market. Because of that, they believe that gold will trade in between the $1100 and $1300 per ounce over the coming six months.

Precious metals companies like U.S. Money Reserve are experts in gold and silver distribution. They specialize in gold coins, and the selling and buying of gold, silver and platinum coinage. They have a large staff of over 100 specialized individuals, including gold research professionals, gold specialists, appraisers and more. The company offers an extensive range of collectible coins and mints, including coins that are authorized by the U.S. Congress.

If you have ever considered investing in gold, now is the time to learn more about doing so, and how you can take advantage of the upcoming changes to the gold market. Over the next few months, prime opportunities will arise for investments in the market that can reap substantial rewards.


Those of you who live full-time in Brazil, probably already know who Igor is already. You are also aware of some of his investment strategies on, if you have investments with him. If you aren’t aware of some of his tips, allow me to introduce you now.


How many of you are already guilty of this? There is probably more who do this, more than anyone is willing to admit. Some situations call for the heart to make the choices. Investing in the stock markets in Brazil is not one of these instances. If you are going to invest, you need to learn the art of “riding it out.” This is an exercise in patience; especially, when the situation might call you to do otherwise.

Some stocks will take a hit, depending on how positive/negative these stocks are. Sometimes throwing in the towel is a bad choice. if you pull out too soon, you might end up losing more money. Igor is known for giving his clients very savvy advice on this. Some situations are all just a smoke screen.

Just because something looks bad, doesn’t mean it is. One of the first lessons Igor Cornelsen teaches is about this. Investing in the stock market is like living life. You are need to take the good with the bad.


This kind of goes without saying. You need to do research. You need to know where to invest and where not to. Diversifying your portfolio is one of the better things you can do for yourself.

You need to know what you are getting into. Find out the variables. Find out how each stock performs. Knowing all of these factors will give you more leverage.

You also need to do a dry run, even before you put money down. See where the dice will end up. If you are not good with math, try to brush up on some of the basics. You will need to know the basics for investing in Brazil. If you are foreign to the country, you will also need to know how the dollar exchange goes down. You also need to know how the dollar value works and when it fluctuates.

The more you know about it beforehand, the better off your will be.


This is the guy everyone needs to speak to about their investments. Do some research before you book your first meeting with him though. Igor likes to see his clients take some responsibility for their money. Igor will put your on the right track and work hard to keep you there. You can find him on his official site. He is also featured in lots of money reports here in Brazil. Do yourself a favor and invest with him. He will not let you down.

Investing Is Something That Everyone Can Learn To Do

Some people know a lot about investing, while others are just getting started and are trying to figure out the ropes. The people who are just getting started doing this would be wise to look up to those who know what they are doing, and to follow any advice that those people may have to offer them. There is a lot that people can learn about investing if they just put some effort into it, and it is important that they do that if they want to know that they will do well with the money that they are choosing to invest.

Brad Reifler is someone who knows a lot about investing, and who knows a lot about business. Reuters writes that he is smart in the things that he does, and he can offer some wisdom to those who are hoping to get started in this area. He’s someone who knows a lot when it comes to investing, and why should people do things on their own when they can get advice from someone who has done this kind of thing before, instead?

Some people really do know a lot about investing, and those who do not can do well in their own investing by looking up to those kind of people.

Understand the World of Finance Better With Brian Bonar

The ability understand how finances work has become increasingly important in recent decades. Many people can expect to live long enough to retire as the average life span has vastly increased in many areas of the world. Women now face a vastly reduced risk of dying in childbirth while men can expect to have a longer time in the workforce and then retirement for at least several years. Given such changes, proper money management has become more important than ever in today’s world. An understanding of all aspects of financial markets is now highly important as people must make decades of important choices about their potential savings and where they choose to invest such funds in order to help them finance a retirement that may last for many more years than previously anticipated. 

Investment advice has also become increasingly important in today’s world. Successful fiscal leadership allows people to be able to invest confidently with the knowledge that they are doing all that they can in order to reduce their risks and help grow any capital they have accumulated over the course of their working lives. Understanding the world of finance is imperative for those who wish to be able to provide not only for their own retirement but for other fiscal goals as well such as paying for a child’s education and purchasing a first home. Skilled fiscal advice and leadership can help any investor make sure that their hard earned cash will both beat inflation and provide for them when they need to tap into it. 

This is why companies and people turn to skilled businessmen such as Brian Bonar (MG2 Link). Bonar is a United Kingdom educated economic leader who has spent years in the field of international business. His work has helped him expand many new companies into various markets around the world. Dr. Bonar is currently based in American city San Diego where he heads Trucept, a company that helps provide businesses with all kinds of important services such as access to skilled temporary labor, employee benefits that help companies provide for the needs of those they have hired and payroll services to make sure that all company employees and any outside vendors are paid correctly and on time. 

Working with fiscal experts such as Dr. Bonar can be an excellent way to fully understand all aspects of the financial markets and how one can use them as effectively as possible. This kind of understanding can help any given investor meet all of their planned short term and long term financial goals. Companies that hire such skilled people can also expect to flourish as they are able to meet the needs of their customers very effectively.