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Top UK Vintners that are Redefining the International Wine Market

The UK wine industry, which comprises of an ever- rising number of vineyards, is among the most powerful and dynamic across the globe. It is valued at €17.3 billion, supports nearly 270,000 jobs, and contributes a record €8.6 billion to the public funds on an annual basis. Most UK vintners focus on producing high-quality wines that address the preferences of wine enthusiast. Special attention to quality is also a strategy employed many winemakers to survive in the competitive industry.

  1. The Vintners’ Company

The origin of Vintners’ Company is deeply steeped in the history of London City, import, regulation, and wine trade. It obtained its first official charter in 1363 and a new charter back in 1973. With its initiatives in trade, philanthropic, social, and educational interests, the firm still plays a vital role in the wine industry of the UK. The charter of 1973 enabled the company to form the Wine Standards Board, which was responsible for enforcing some of the E.U. Wine Laws. Apart from spearheading the setting up of both Institute of Masters of Wine plus the Wine and Spirit Education Trust, the Vintners’ Company dedicates a percentage of its resources to enhancing wine education.

  1. Merchant Vintners Company

It is one of the most influential UK vintners and wine group in the UK. It started its official operation in 1965. Currently, it specializes in helping family-owned wine producers to venture into the large market. Interested vintners must have an experience of not less than three years in the wine industry to join the group. The head offices of the company are headquartered in London.

  1. Capital Vintners

This winemaking giant opened its doors back in 2005. It is among the most accomplished UK vintners. It produces and markets over 6500 types of wines, which are stored in Surrey-based EHD Locke King Vaults and London-based Vine International. They obtain their wines from Burgundy, Napa Valley, Cotes-de-Rhone, Super Tuscan, Champagne, and Bordeaux.

  1. Farr Vintners

It began operating in 1978. A group of immigrants hailing from Hong Kong founded it. Farr is among the largest wine merchants headquartered in Britain. Their selling policy revolves around quick turnover and trading products at lower profit margins. They obtain wines from their primary partner, Bordeaux wines and sell them. This Jupiter Driver-based merchant also sells wines obtained from global wine producers such as Italy, Australia, California, New Zealand, and Spain.

  1. Camel Valley

Bob Lindo (an ex-RAF pilot) and his fiancée, Annie, founded this vineyard in 1989. The firm has earned high-profile awards and acknowledgments for producing high quality and internationally loved wines. During the International Wine Challenge, Cornwall Brut 2010 won a gold gong while the Pinor Nor Brut 2010 secured gold during the Decanter World Wine Awards held in 2012. It produces white, rose, and red wines.

  1. Highbury Vintners

This independent wine merchant has scooped numerous awards due to its excellence in wine marketing. During the Decanter Wine Retailer, Highbury bagged the Small Independent Wine Merchant. The firm leverages its independence to offer a broad spectrum of smooth and refreshing wines.

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