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What Does Martin Lustgarten Think is Next for Britain After Brexit?

Political-economic relationships change all the time, as a historian of European history understands all too well. Investment banker Martin Lustgarten thinks that “time is on the side” of the Brits. After Brexit, they might follow the same path as Switzerland.

“Monetary Policy Requires Currency”

National sovereignty requires that a nation has its own currency in order to have a viable monetary policy. Otherwise, a nation must simply depend on its fiscal budget to control its financial situation. The English retained their pound in order to maintain an independent monetary policy.Great Britain had the best of all worlds when it could be a member of the European Union and still maintain its own currency. It enjoyed EU passport rights and could also devalue its British pound to facilitate trade. Switzerland shares some of these very same features.

“Maintain Borders”

Who controls immigration in the European Union? Technically, the government headquarters in Belgium. Thus, the EU can force other member nations to accept immigrants from other nations.Switzerland still maintains control over its borders. This makes it very lucrative to have a Swiss citizenship. The nation can better control its society and create a unified mentality.

For some investors, London real estate is some of the best in the world. After Brexit, prices went down due to the devalued pound. Whether, they admitted it or not, England might have benefited from having a lower pound, because it made its export products cheaper. England might want more control over its immigration.

“Brexit Parochialism”

One of the key elements of Brexit is that investment banking jobs are not going to simply disappear in either England or the European Union. Investment banker Martin Lustgarten reminds people that some of what you hear in the press is propaganda, meant to promote a certain side. Capital will still be needed in both England and the EU.

What Brexit may do is “adjust the banking jobs from EU nationals to Englishmen.” There might be more localized economic structures supported. Investment banker Martin Lustgarten helps his clients determine when it is the “right time” to invest.


Madison Street Capital Expects 2016 to be a Good Year for Hedge Funds

Madison Street Capital recently published an article that appeared on and titled “Madison Street Capital Provides 2016 Outlook for Hedge Fund M&A.” The firm stated in its overview of the hedge fund industry that the industry ended 2015 on a positive note with 42 global hedge fund M&A deals that were announce or closed. This was up from 32 M&A deals that were completed by the end of 2014, and the volume of these 2015 transactions was also higher than in 2014 by 27%. Much of the hedge fund M&A transaction activity occurred during the fourth quarter which Madison Street Capital views as a positive sign for 2016.

The overall hedge fund industry performance was mediocre during 2015, yet assets held by hedge funds were at record highs. Institutional investors are allocating assets to large hedge funds in order to maximize their investment returns and offset their liabilities. Smaller hedge funds are having trouble attracting institutional investors and are under performing. Madison Street Capital’s Senior Managing Director Karl D’Cunha believes 2016 will be a strong year for the hedge fund industry, and he expects to see some opportunistic consolidation to occur between hedge funds who can bring together distribution and product offerings.

Madison Street Capital is an international investment banking firm that works with small to mid-sized businesses in a variety of industries such as aviation, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, and real estate. They are headquartered in Chicago and have offices in India and Ghana. They are a full service investment bank whose services include M&A transactions, asset management, capital restructuring, and providing financial opinions and business valuations. Madison Street Capital’s professionals also advise hedge funds on M&A activities, capital restructuring and portfolio valuation.

Madison Street Capital has been recognized and awarded for being one of the top firms in the investment banking industry. Over the years, the firm has helped numerous companies achieve their financial goals and expand their business. Their move into the global emerging markets in Asia and Africa has help to fuel its growth as they are fast becoming one of the more successful investment banks in the US. The article on Madison Street Capital’s overview of the hedge fund industry can be found at and

Why Invest In Precious Metals With US Money Reserve?


Its no secret that investing in precious metals is one of the best ways to protect your wealth. And while precious metals have always been a viable investment, it wasn’t until the last decade or so that gold and silver started to prove their ability to outperform other types of assets.

Some experts have predicted gold could hit the $5,000 per ounce mark in the very near future. When you add that to the ever declining dollar and the many geographical issues going on in the world, you see why so many people are turning to gold.

The fact that precious metals continue to outperform stocks is one of the biggest reasons you should consider investing in them. As you very well know, the U.S. stock market is extremely volatile. Stocks are constantly rising and falling and you have no idea what to expect from day to day. Its a roller coaster ride that doesn’t seem to be coming to an end anytime soon.

With precious metals you have more stability and predictability with your investments. Gold has been on the rise for the last few years and won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

Why Invest With US Money Reserve

US Money Reserve is now considered one of the most trusted gold coin distributors in the world. They have been around for a long time and have a reputation of always doing right by their clients. When you work with US Money Reserve you will be working with a team of over 100 senior gold specialists, coin research professionals and industry leading numismatic experts.

Everyone on the US Money Reserve team is knowledgeable and has the experience needed to help you make the best investment possible.

As a client you will have access to some of the best guidance in the industry. If you are ready to diversify your portfolio by investing in gold, give US Money Reserve a call today. One of their senior gold specialists will help you navigate the process and determine which type of gold is best for you.

Simply tell them your financial goals and they will start earning your trust from the very first conversation. You can even follow them on Twitter!