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The Amazing IBEX Tumbler Peaks in Sales

The IBEX Tumbler is an amazing innovation designed to meet all the drinking needs of people. The top rated tumbler ranks first and has been sold throughout 29 US states. The cup has breath-taking features that have given it an edge in the market. So far, the tumbler can maintain drinks in their state, be it hot or cold, for longer than any competing products in the same niche. Its effectiveness has seen to the selling of 20000 units across the US. The demand for the cup in various IBEX holdings skyrockets as more customers embrace this fantastic piece of a utensil.


The flagship features of the IBEX Tumbler include its ability to keep hot drinks hot for 24 hours in addition to keeping ice frozen for 72 hours. For a tumbler, these features are unmatched. The material used in the crafting of the Tumbler is a stainless steel that can withstand the harshest of conditions. It can even take the impact of a speeding bullet! Besides the above features, the IBEX tumbler is also environmental friendly based on the materials from which it is made. The tumbler is fast selling and the stocks in the various outlets are growing rather limited, thanks to the 65% off offer.


Therefore, you might wonder the technology behind the making of this game changer. The walls are engineered with a sophisticated double wall insulation technology hence the ability to maintain the temperatures in their original state. The stainless steel used, which is readily available thick food grade 18/8, is responsible for its strength and durability. It is also characterized with a wide mouth lid which is equally tough. Therefore, contents enclosed in the tumbler are free from contamination. Such qualities are sure to leave its competitors with something to marvel at. In addition to all that, the company that manufacturers the IBEX Tumbler offers a lifetime guarantee for each of their product as an act of assurance on the quality of the product.


Most of the customers have aired out their feelings about this product, most of which are positive. In the current month, more than fifteen thousand customers have left positive feedback on this tumbler having enjoyed its great utility. The cup has changed the lives of several people in the US region with regards to their different beverage consumption habits. Those who love their coffee or tea hot can get the IBEX tumbler to fulfill these needs; at the same time also get to enjoy iced drinks in the right chilled temperatures.